Gamer Limit: Bioshock Review …am I ready for Rapture?

Gamer Limit Writes "Bioshock, released over a year ago for the Xbox 360, has since then been applauded for its dark tenor and terrifying gameplay. Now, with the rather recent Playstation 3 port, we're ready to give the final word on this widely acclaimed first person shooter. But is this port the frighteningly good game we've all come to love, or will it be shocking a disappointment? (pun intended)"

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Helghast3659d ago

Um... a little late with the review :/

OGharryjoysticks3659d ago

most stores recently dropped price to 39.99 so some people might just be checking out the reviews now.

omodis4203659d ago

I got this game for X-mas from my wife. I have to say it is now one of my favorite games. The review talks of it being riddled with small problems. All I can say is wtf was he smoking?

prunchess3658d ago

I know what the reviewer means when they write of it being riddled with small problems. The odd floating object and twitching dead character is probably what they are talking about. The UNREAL engine isn't exactly top notch. I'd prefer Infinity Wards COD MW engine for this game.

Still a super game though. Can't wait for the sequel!