UK Sales Charts: The Last of Us 2 Remastered Beats Prince of Persia to the Podium

Some of early 2024's heavy-hitting new releases are launching, and as expected, they're making a decent impact on the UK's physical games chart. While first and second place seem to be perennially occupied by Hogwarts Legacy and EA Sports FC 24, The Last of Us: Part II Remastered takes a jolly good swing, making its debut in third place. Not a bad result for a single-format re-release.

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Dandizzle85d ago

I've been playing last of us 2 remastered and I'm enthralled with it. I enjoyed the first one and have not played the 2nd knowing they would release it on ps5 eventually, well worth the wait. The gameplay is just spot on along with the story telling/writing. Voice acting has some impressive performances, all in all great package.

isarai85d ago

Nah you're supposed to have pure seething hatred for the game and fuel controversy.


The3faces84d ago

True just like Starfield, Hellblade 2 and now Indiana Jones.

RupeeHoarder84d ago

"True just like Starfield, Hellblade 2 and now Indiana Jones."

Starfield is a confirmed love/hate game. Hellblade 2 has to improve on the first one which is a love/hate game. Indiana Jones... Promising but I think people have the right to be disappointed it is a FPS and will feel less cinematic in nature than Uncharted.

Barlos84d ago

I don't hate it. I just don't like it. Mind you, I'm not a fan of the first game either. I think both games are very overrated.

Give me a sec, I'm just going to put my flame proof jacket on. I think it's going to get warm in here.

dumahim84d ago

Maybe he just hasn't got to the other part that people rage about.

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Bathyj85d ago

I'm replaying it for about the 4th time. The combat is second to none. Whatever Naughty Dog does next needs to have a heavy combat and stealth focus. The intensity of some of these skirmishes is something I just having felt in other games. God I wish there was a VR mode.

Ironmike85d ago

Best combat and ai makes think on fly

generic-user-name84d ago

Crazy how Sony can throw money at Capcom to get RE8/RE4 Remake in VR but can't get their own studios to do it.

Deeeeznuuuts84d ago

I haven't played the second one yet either, waiting for a little price drop

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Ironmike85d ago

To me its best gMe I ever played this and part1

ModsDoBetter85d ago

Lots of first time players I'd imagine as PS5 sales increase.

Akira202084d ago

Is the game woke? Unfortunately yes.
Is this one of the best games I've ever played? F**k yes, without a doubt.

outsider162484d ago

Woke how if you dnt mind me asking?

BehindTheRows84d ago

Because it has lesbians, trans characters, and a muscular woman... Yes, that really is all it boils down to. A need to bitch about somethin'.

S2Killinit84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Disagree with the woke part. Story has lesbian characters.

Tacoboto84d ago

A lesbian character we've known has been lesbian for a decade now at this point.

Can't say Part 2 is woke without saying Part 1 was woke as well, considering Bill's part in the story and Ellie's side story.

84d ago

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Hereandthere2d ago

PlayStation is killing it with the exclusives this year. Exclusive wise, what has xbox released this year?

VersusDMC2d ago

They won't complain about Microsoft not releasing games here but put all their effort into saying that only first party counts. Games like Rebirth and Grandblue Relink don't count. Games published by Sony like Helldivers 2, Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin don't count because Sony don't own the studios.

It's some narrative building so for when Hellblade 2 come out they can say, seemingly without shame, that Microsoft is actually releasing first party games this year. And claim victory.🙃

Chevalier2d ago

Weird 1st party games didn't matter when Xbox had so little, but, now they're important again? Guess Ark 3, Stalker 2 don't count any more?

KyRo2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

ARK 3 doesn't exist and it's just a timed exclusive. It's also a game that a majority of the ARK player base doesn't want as it's a massive deviation from what people like about the original game

Abnor_Mal2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Honestly to me it doesn’t matter what they say, they are just finally getting a chance to say all the things PS fan(boy)s were saying to them for the past few years. Let them get that, they deserve a “win” for a change.

The new narrative is that suddenly first party games matter again when awhile ago they didn’t, but that was because they were struggling with the same three games with the occasional fourth or fifth. That games should be everywhere on all platforms since that’s whats happening to theirs. The consoles don’t matter just the ability to play anywhere. Whatever Xbox is doing Sony will soon follow.

They’re not moving the goalpost anymore, but rather just moving the whole damn stadium.

jwillj2k42d ago

Only a incel would care about who published what and who owns who.

If it’s not on the other consoles it’s an exclusive.

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Cacabunga2d ago

Killing what? Where are the 1st party games??
Stellar Blade and FF7 is what I’m seeing this year.. so shallow!!!!

andy852d ago

Doesn't really matter as long as they're great games. Baffles me why people put an emphasis on 1st party. They're still games you can't play anywhere else this year

Cacabunga2d ago


PS brand is my favorite because of their stellar first party software.. currently I see absolutely nothing to go crazy for..

CS71d 22h ago


PS1 and PS2 was built on great third party exclusives like FF, MGS, GTA & Tekken.