Gearing up oneself or one's guild?

It doesn't sound like it should be a hard question, but once you get into the trenches of raiding you begin to understand exactly how hard of a question it is. Do you continue raiding with your guild, doing the same bosses over and over again when you know you aren't going to get anything for it while your guild-mates get the gear, or do you just worry about yourself, dropping out of the raids once your appropriately geared up?

Tobold is tackling this issue over at his blog, balancing two posts from two very different gamers. On one hand you have Matticus, a guild leader who just lost a paladin because he was overgeared and wished to take a break from the game until a harder dungeon came along, and on the other you have Gevlon, the owner of "The Greedy Goblin" who defends the position of said paladin. It's an interesting and thought provoking discussion worthy of checking out, especially if you have any character in a guild officer position or are deep in raiding with your favorite MMO.

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