Capcom's Anti-Modding Software Is A Step Backwards For The Gaming Industry

Amama from eXputer writes "Capcom's anti-mod campaign has reached an all-time high as modders protest against Enigma DRM to play games the way they want to."

mastershredder129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

heh okay. That pov sure is non ip-holding modder-serving and not thought out past a dry idea. No, it’s not. It’s A huge step up in security and IP protection/enforcement. It’s a step back for modders, NOT the industry. Geez wtf?

AlterRecs128d ago

It's a step backwards because it runs counterproductive to what the users want. You know, the customers? If players want to mod a game then they should be able to. You control the mods you download.


More companies should be like ID Software before Bethesda bought them. They were open to it and wanted people to mod their games, those of the types of devs I respect, not the shit bags here.

Darkegg128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

That’s what made it fun! I loved version 1.2. When it was updated to 1.666 it prevented the wads from running.


Avowed Moved to Unreal Engine 5.3

With Support from The Coalition

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ThinkThink1d 3h ago

That's great news. Hopefully the Coalition can smooth some of those edges from the last Avowed reveal.

phoenixwing1d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

Well I'm annoyed. Especially at all the ppl who said the graphics sucked. It's your fault they probably shifted the game to unreal so it could look more fancy for you. I was ok with it and hoping to actually play it sometime soon. Now it's like 99% chance it's delayed.
Edit: effing graphics whores

Obscure_Observer16h ago

"Well I'm annoyed. Especially at all the ppl who said the graphics sucked. It's your fault they probably shifted the game to unreal so it could look more fancy for you."

What the hell are you talking about dude? Avowed was already in development using the UE5. The Coalition is just helping Obsidian in the transition to its latest version (5.3)

MrBaskerville15h ago(Edited 15h ago)

Probably not even that big of a difference. Coalition might only have helped because they got a deadline to meet.

Unreal isn't nearly as bad as Unity when you update a project. Though it obviously depends on the project. But unity generally gets an aneyurism if you threaten to update, where Ue is usually less stingy.

Reaper22_15h ago

In excited for Avowed and Gears 6.

Fishy Fingers16h ago

It already was Unreal 5, its just moving to the latest build.

CantThinkOfAUsername7h ago

Latest build is 5.4 and it's better than previous iterations, particularly in animation and performance.

Lightning771d ago

Apparently the latest build looks way better graphically. This rumor from Jez Cordin (who's credible) pretty much confirms it.

Interested in seeing more on Avowed in a few weeks.

Notellin15h ago

UE 5.3 has been out since September of last year. I can't believe this is news or that anyone is hyping this up.

MrNinosan15h ago

As Hellblade failed to set the world on fire, just like Halo Infinite and Starfield before it, it's time to look forward to the next Game of the Decade candidate.
Of course it needs to be hyped up ahead of time 😏

Notellin8h ago

I didn't mean the game itself. I can't believe there is a news article about an Unreal Engine update that launched a year ago.

Reading comprehension is tough for fanboys on N4G.

truthBombs15h ago

I liked the games unique artstyle when It was revealed. I hope they're not making the migration based on criticism. It's only a rumor anyways

MrBaskerville15h ago

I imagine the art style will stay the same. But there'll probably be some visual upgrades here and there.

anast14h ago

This was the only game I was jealous of, but It's a wait and see game now. Plus, I can wait until they release it on PSN.

Miraak82 13h ago

Right!!! Obsidian is like only XB GS that I wanna play there games . Pillars of Eternity is one of my fav game franchises and I'd love to step back into the world of Eora . Their world building and rpg systems are one of the best , I hope XB higher ups don't get in the way of them. If they released it on ps I would definitely buy it day 1

anast10h ago

I bought both Pillars for PC and Console. Good games.