RPGfan : Square Enix Reveals New FFXIII Info

Chris Winkler writes "Square Enix has released some new tidbits of information regarding Final Fantasy XIII. The trailer, which the company has shown off in various lengths since the game's debut, depicts heroine Lightning entering a train carrying citizens set to be deported from the Cocoon. Among those convicts is Vanille, the red-haired girl set to become a member of Lightning's party. Snow, the other playable character featured prominently in various trailers, is the head of a resistance movement fighting against the theocratic government of the Cocoon. In their struggle against the government, the party will not only have to deal with normal soldiers, but also far more potent opposition including powerful officers, weapons and monsters."


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tocrazed4you3571d ago

Square Enix treating us like stupid morons who cling onto every small tid bit of final fatnasy news like its a million bucks. OMY GODZERS NEW FINAL FANTASY 13 INFO well guess what Square I spit on you. POOEY

IzKyD13313570d ago

with all these female characters, this is starting to look too much like X-2 (which is bad)

TheColbertinator3571d ago

Square Enix charges for trailers unlike any other developers.They have closed theater nonsense to keep people in the dark and worst of all,they take down vids in youtube of the new trailers because they want to have people buy the DVDs.If FFXIII isn't the second coming they promised,the Western gamers will stop caring

lord_of_balrogs3571d ago

SE is trying to build hype but they're doing it the wrong way. Closed theatre is the most retarded concept ever, you sell games by hyping through cutscenes, trailers, gameplay and commercials. Closed theatre only hypes up those fortunate enough to be there. To get massive sales you must advertise to the masses.

jjl3571d ago

I agree with closed theatre lameness. Evidently we(the mass gamers who buy their games) are nothing to them.

militant073571d ago

i really got baord from those new more and more info.
i just want a gameplay video.

n4gzz3571d ago

I can not agree more. I am getting to the point where I am not even interested anymore 'coz it seems everything about FF13 is beyond my reach.

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The story is too old to be commented.