VGC Review: Gears of War 2

VGC writes: "Back in 2006, Gears of War came out for the Xbox 360 and shocked the videogame industry. The game was hyped up for months prior to its release and received vast coverage from the gaming media. When the game finally came to be released, it opened to both large critical acclaim and sales. Epic had taken the ideas of third person, squad based, and strategy shooters and mixed them with a well-designed cover system. The release re-energized the 360 fanbase and made for a very successful holiday '06, allowing it to be the dominant next-gen console that holiday season (even over the newly launched Wii and PS3). 2 years later, Gears of War 2 has come to continue the trilogy. Did it deliver on the hype and live up to (or even surpass) its predecessor?"

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lord_of_balrogs4201d ago

Well, the core gameplay stayed the same with the exception of mines and shields. But the story and longevity was a great improvement over the original.