Japan: Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP) Retakes Number One Spot

From Gamasutra:

Catching up after the New Year break, the first weekly Japanese sales chart of 2009 shows Square Enix's Dissidia: Final Fantasy on PSP returning to the number one spot. There were no new releases in the top 30 for the week ending January 4th, as most of Japan took time off for New Year celebrations.

However, sales remained buoyant with the top 10 titles selling over 50,000 units each. But it was Square Enix's unusual fighting game which dominated, with 104,000 unit sales. Dissidia features characters from a number of separate Final Fantasy titles and has already sold over three-quarters of a million units in Japan.

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eagle214201d ago

Get with the program here.

TheColbertinator4201d ago

Great job for Dissidia.I can't wait until it hits stateside

ChickeyCantor4201d ago

Well ...Monster hunter G and MHTri~ will do some damage too..
It's japan, and dragonquest will sure kill too...

These number don't tell much about a console or handheld, it's the software.
If they made this game for a different console it would sell sh/tloads too.

But who would have guessed this game would sell so well?

Da One4201d ago

The site claim for the week ending /01/04/09