Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 Arrives in Los Angeles on January 27-28

Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 runs in Los Angeles from January 27-28 and features manga, anime, movies, games, toys, and much more.


Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Confirms Some Characters Can't Fly

Hopefully Hercule will at least get his jetpack.

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Dragon Ball Sparking: Zero Will Not Include Local Co-op, Will Feature GT characters

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will not include a local co-op mode, though it will feature characters from Dragon Ball GT.

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Snookies1222d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Awful decision. Went from a pre-order to something I'll get on sale at some point down the line. That was the best part of the older games.


If there's no Mutiplayer or co-op and then this went to wait for sale instead of day one

DivineHand12522d ago

It doesn't appear to be a decision but more along the lines of the difficulty of getting the game certified by Sony and Microsoft has they included split screen. I wish they were more specific but that is what we have for now.

XiNatsuDragnel22d ago

We need local co op solution eventually

SDuck22d ago

I don't care about co-op. I want splitscreen pvp

DivineHand12522d ago

Unfortunately, I have 3 dual sense controllers. I don't have people over to game with like in the old days because my friends live far away and we can just play together online.

The multiple controllers at this point are merely backups in case the battery dies in the middle of gameplay.

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Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Gameplay Reveal Hits Hard, Confirms 11 New Fighters

Bandai Namco has revealed our first real look at Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero gameplay and also confirmed 11 new fighters to the roster.