10.7 Million Blu-ray Players in U.S. Homes writes, Blu-ray is doing well despite the bad economy, leaving most analysts optimistic.

Since Blu-ray´s June 2006 format launch, 10.7 million Blu-ray set-tops and PlayStation 3s have shipped. In year three for DVD, 5.4 million units had shipped.

"Several of the research analyst participants admitted they have revised their hardware projections upward in light of Blu-ray´s pace. Analysts believe that the emerging $200 to $300 pricing for many Blu-ray players made them the perfect family gift this year. With so many new models announced for this year at CES, that pace is unlikely to let up in 2009," wrote Video Business.

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eagle214191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Wow, imagine what just one more year will do for Blu-ray marketshare worldwide.

elorm94191d ago

My teachers at school love to brag about owning one even

ThanatosDMC4191d ago

Seriously, who pays these stupid "analyeast". They're just spouting random numbers or other predictions and get paid around $67,000+ annually.

I remember back when all these people kept on saying how bluray will fail or anything that went against DVD. They should all be witch hunted.

hitthegspot4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

The reason why Blu-Ray is outpacing DVD is PS3, is because there was no console that pushed DVD back in the day. This article is bias, but I can't wait till May. Finally portable Blu-Ray. Wired Magazine reported "why make blu-ray portable?". Well my friends the Blu-ray flood gates will open after May.

<<Edit @ LeonSKennedy4Life>>
Really PS2? WTF is a PS2? Were they priced at $1000, because I'm pretty sure that when DVD hit the market it was +$1000. That's why I bought mine in Singapore for $600 US about 6 months after they entered the market.

Oh and for the record DVD hit the market in 1996.

PS2 = Its development was announced in March 1999 and it was released a year later in Japan.

<<Edit Edit @ LeonSKennedy4Life>>
Bubbles to you sir it takes a real man to admit when they are wrong and you don't see that much on this site with the number of Fanbots that we have. Thanks.

LeonSKennedy4Life4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

I need another Blu-ray.

Who wants to buy me Ghostbusters on Blu-ray in June?

EDIT: (At below) Upon further review, I decided the guy above me was being sarcastic. That's why he called the article biased. It made sense after a second run-through. Sorry for the confusion. I failed today.

cryymoar4191d ago

DVD payback was one of the biggest reasons why the PS2 defeated the Dreamcast.

Bnet3434191d ago

250 million people living in the Unites States?

cryymoar4191d ago

my source for my above comment?
A Dreamcast episode of "Icon" from G4TV, before it went down the $hi7er.

Sibs4191d ago

I've learned to never trust analysts... or therapists... or analrapists...

ThanatosDMC4190d ago

They made a lot of noise when the US apparently reached 300,000,000 (300M)people. They even made fun of it in SNL.

Anyway, here's a link for those that dont know:

EXCLUSIVEGAMER4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

lol, im guilty of showing off my setup to friends. Now THOSE friends have their OWN setups and buy their OWN movies.

Bluray was dissed and labeled a "failure" since day one. What i dont get is, everyone that I have showed it to end up being amazed by both video and audio. Most importantly, and often overlooked by everyone who writes and posts these "ps3, bluray are dead articles", hddvd did not survive and bluray titles are selling wel in the millions.

gaffyh4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

WTF is wrong with all these people, buying a player for a dead format. I'd rather wait for my movie to download in 5 hours, and still not own it.


MegaMohsi4190d ago

No chance in hell it's even close, DD movies only go up to native 720p resolution and upscale to 1080p, nothing rivals the sound and picture quality of blu ray. NATIVE>UPSCALE

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Simon_Brezhnev4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

but i thought blu-ray is dead

Nathan Drake4191d ago

That would be HD DVD and Digital Downloads.

eagle214191d ago

Pure idiots. I bet most of the idiots who oppose Blu don't even buy movies, just pirate them.

iHEARTboobs4191d ago

and upscaled DVD's look just as good. haha

/sarcasm (Do i even have to include that)

skyfire22614191d ago

HD-DVD - Yes

Digital Downloads are just getting started.

Bnet3434191d ago

If you say Digital Downloads are dead, you are an idiot.

POGfinder4191d ago

It makes up 0.3% of toatl movie sales

It is dead even before birth . and also people dont like DD

It will never take off like HD DVD

Bnet3434191d ago

DD aren't only movies. I'm talking about DD as a whole. PSN, XBLA ring a bell? How do you get your demos these days? Exactly, Mr. Drake should of been more elaborate on his comment.

POGfinder4191d ago

In Japan u can download a 32 gig movie in an hour. yea the connection is that fast

However no one wants to save movies on Lame HDD

DD is dead

InMyOpinion4190d ago

Since I've never heard of people who download MP3's and Xvid movies from the Internet. They don't exist. It's all hearsay...

Rhoic4190d ago

Hey morons.. Digital Downloading has been going on since before Blu-Ray was ever thought up. DD will always be around. It's quicker, easier, and can be backed up as many times as you want. Not to mention it will probably ALWAYS look better than any physical sort of media due to the fact that they can constantly upscale the resolution. All they have to do is wait for TVs and Monitors to catch up.

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cayal4191d ago

I just wish they had region free players.

moocho4191d ago

4/5 Blu ray movies are Region Free :


cayal4191d ago

I bought a couple of Blu-Ray movies from Amazon (I'm in Australia). Some of them don't work on the Blu-ray player (not the PS3, different one).

Lonely Hunter4191d ago

great news for sony

by the way , does any one know how many years VHS lived after releasing the DVD ?

PirateThom4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Well, DVD sales surpassed VHS in 2003.

That was 6 years after DVD was introduced, but I believe it was only 2006 when studios stopped even offering VHS (the last major movie was A History of Violence).

And the last truckload of VHS left the warehouse in December 2008.

cayal4191d ago

The last VHS dealer closed shop late last year (I think they were based in LA).

Lonely Hunter4191d ago

so i think we will see movies on dvd for another 6-7 years

but it will depend on how much HD TV will do in those years

cayal4191d ago

People in the market for a new DVD player need to know Blu-ray players will play their DVDs, thus they do not have to replace their current collection.

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ChanDangle4191d ago

I thought bluray was on the verge of collapse? All these DD backers need to take a seat until they have proof that they're actually in the bigger picture. Bluray > nay sayers

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