No Killzone 2 bundles planned for the US

Earlier this week, Sony Europe leaked packshots of a Killzone 2 bundle that would be accompanying the games release across the Atlantic. The bundle included the 80GB PS3, a Dual Shock 3, and a copy of the highly anticipated first person shooter. PS3Center followed up on the story, and contacted Sony to see if Americans would be getting the same treatment.

The disappointing answer, unfortunately, is no. Sony told PS3Center they had no plans for a Killzone 2 hardware bundle at the moment. They also mentioned, however, this was subject to change.

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MGOelite4200d ago

at least this will shut the people up who say that sony will bundle killzone 2 with every console to make it seem like it has good sales

TOO PAWNED4200d ago

"Sony told PS3Center they had no plans for a Killzone 2 hardwarde bundle at the moment. They also mentioned, however, this was subject to change" - not sure what you are trying to say there, but bundle is not something bad. MGS4 has bundle btw and that game is awesome.

MGOelite4200d ago

im not trying to say anything, i would like to see a bundle but then its just ammo for the fanboys to use, an excuse for killzones good sales

PoSTedUP4200d ago

then they should have a good spot for a super bowl commercial... if they know whats good for them...

MasFlowKiller4200d ago

The Sale for Killzone Do Not dependent on whether or not is been bundle with a PS3, it will contribute.

but if sony keep going on without advertisement then i dont see this game selling as much as Metal Gear Solid 4, remember the metal gaer solid franchise had a much larger following then killzone

shadowfox4199d ago

He just means fanboys won't be able to use the bundle as ammo. Like Motorstorm one of the best selling PS3 games, but it was bundled for close to a year, so it got a lot of 'sales' from people just buying the console.

crck4199d ago

Sony USA should just remove Uncharted from the $500 bundle and replace it with Killzone 2. Move Uncharted to the Greatest Hits line to drum up excitement for Uncharted 2. Win, win, simple as that. Now where's my 6 figure salary Sony?

BattleAxe4199d ago

If Sony doesn't come out with a Killzone 2 bundle for the US and Canada, then the Director of Marketing for SCEA should be fired. The marketing for the PS3 and its exclusive games has been horrible.

XGRaViSmOrSX4199d ago

if there is no bundle then where is the advertising....?

they really need to hit it hard with adverts. and a 30 sec ad during the super bowl would take this game a long way in getting the word out.

just use the death ballet movie cut down for 30/60sec commercials and its win.

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elorm94200d ago

Ah well, I already got a PS3

THC CELL4200d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

ha ha americans are the biggest ps3 haters


Pleth4199d ago

....WHO CARES! Even if they release this game for $100.00 and I had to duct tape my testicles to my controller in order to install it to my PS3 I would still not be able to stop smiling. I will be unwrapping the game in my car on my way home from the store and already have my PS3 on so when I get home all I have to do is insert into the drive, light a smoke, take a pull off my Beck's and laugh knowing I have the next 3 days off from work.

elorm94199d ago

Seriously, I don't I'd be able to smile through that.

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The story is too old to be commented.