Neverwinter Nights Podcast Episode 86: Baldur's Gate III Coming?

Neverwinter Nights Podcast Episode 86 has hopeful news for fans of D&D-based role-playing, as Atari Europe's John Mamais and Raphaël Boyon reveal they are in discussions for another Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion pack that they are "pretty sure" will happen. The other participant in these discussions is not revealed, though Obsidian seems like logical guess. To get your D20 rolling even more, they also touch on the possibilities of a Baldur's Gate III, though nothing concrete about plans for a next installment in that RPG series is offered.

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hano3568d ago

I really hope Obsidian does it, I always liked their style more than Bioware.

JonahFalcon3568d ago

According to the article, if BG3 is done, it'll probably be done by Obsidian, yes.