Sony Wins Big At CES and Microsoft shows new innovation for the casual market KODU hiphopgamershow 1/11/09

Game Informer Makes A Big Mistake With Killzone 2
EA Home Space is amazing capcom next to follow?
Aaron Greenberg smashed for false claims about Home
Microsoft Unleashes KODU at CES'09
Game Review - Killzone 1 (Throwback)
And Much Much More enjoy the show

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Lifendz4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

it's time for a new ep of the hip hop gamer show. Say what you will, but the kid is getting around, he's been at a few major shows, his site is improving, and having a logo in the background as opposed to a black blanket is a big improvement. Can't wait to see where he's at by the end of 09.

And you guys really have to get past the fact that he prefers PS3 over 360. That doesn't make him a fanboy; that just makes him honest. In fact, the whole [email protected] industry prefers one console over another. Most of them prefer 360 over PS3. None of you complain then. Heck, most gamers prefer one console over the other. Doesn't mean one can't give an honest opinion in spite of that.

Edit: Hiphop, I know you get a month free when you first sign up for live. I signed up on my cousin's 360 to play Horde mode online (fun fun fun stuff) but I can't see myself paying to simply play multiplayer games. I'm sorry but i can't. I'm thinking of picking up my own 360 so I can finally play Halo 3 but I just can't pay to connect online when Sony gives such a good service for free. And that's with offering live cards for 29.99.

elorm94198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

At least his title this time isn't so provocative


About the part where you're talkin about Sony saying PS3 has more value. You strictly said that Xbox is good as a GAMING machine. Sony says PS3 is more like a media hub. Isn't that why Sony made the claim that PS3 has more value?

Captain Tuttle4198d ago

But he's a hell of an entrepreneur. For that reason I'll always root for him...go HHG! GO!

wil4hire4198d ago

giving the story more attention
getting him more hits
making him more popular

He should thank his haters :)

ThatArtGuy4197d ago

Reminds me of the David Lee Roth quote: "If you love me, tell a friend. If you hate me, tell an enemy."


funny. nothing like online entertainment

gaffyh4197d ago

Say what you want about HHG, he speaks out about his beliefs. And most of the time he says what most people on this site (apart from fanboys) are thinking.

Shadow Flare4197d ago

Sony amazed us with 3D PS3 and Killzone 2
Microsoft showed us the new jasper model gets rrod too
Great CES this year

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RememberThe3574197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

I'm loving the "hit em up" beat in the background at the beginning. GET MONEY! lol

TruthBTold4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

Lets see whats in discussion this week...

BTW Nice disk logo

TruthBTold4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

First topic about "out of the box" to my understanding that is everything you have access to from the product that is packaged, not what other things you can buy for it later so out of the box the PS3 does have more value considering all of its features. Adding features such as games you can buy is not out of the box features because they are not packaged in the same box as the console.

I do think MS is doing a good strategy to make sure KZ2 doesnt get as much attention as they would if it was the only game coming out within that time frame so MS knows the Halo franchise has a huge following so the media will be behind it in which it will take some of the attention away from KZ2 to make sure they are not the only game news in that time. Very smart strategy from MS because like you said, they are not be arrogant and ignoring how big KZ2 is shaping up to be so they are pulling out some of their guns to compete againts their competition.

I do think the media is biased because they go by "whats popular" so they can be sure their articles are related to the things people are discussing. Somewhere somehow people began putting Sony down for some valid and some unvalid reasons. This caused the negative opinions about Sony to grow and create somewhat of a following so its now kind of the way to speak about Sony, not giving them recognition from the beggining but questioning if they will succeed. LBP is a great game because of what it offers. Sales should only be discussed on articles related to investments so that you as an investor can see just how fast or if you will make a profit on an investment. As a gamer you should be concerned if your game is worth the price you are paying for it, nothing more, in this case for gamers which is what we all are, yes LBP is well worth the investment.

The whole Gameinformer was a really bad edditing error from their part. But I dont think it will confuse too many people. Hopefully for their reputation they fix it.

originalrece4198d ago

hope it will b a great show

BMS844198d ago

I don t get it why the xbox360 sold so good, i wouldn t even want one if i got it for free ... maybe becuase the xbox is 2 times cheaper, here in Europe the PS 3 sold better.. The PS 3 is techniacally better, you ve got the blu-ray , online free and a lot of amazing exclusives this year.. GOD OF WAR 3 , HEAVY RAIN , Killzone 2, FF 13 VERSUS, GT5..

DK_Kithuni_714198d ago

I sure do love my PS3 and should I choose only one system the PS3 would be it. But on the other hand I sure as hell would like to play games like Gears of War II. So yup, I'll take one for free. Not a fanboy. Prefer the PS3 but still view Xbox 360 (without RROD) as a decent system.

interrergator4198d ago

kuz they still have a great library of games but ya kno ps3 will be comin to that point too

lord_of_balrogs4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

Must you make every topic an exclusive list? Guess what ma, I can make lists too! Exclusive GTA4/Fallout3 DLC, Halo Wars, Halo ODST, Star Ocean 4, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake, and Mass Effect 2. See what I did there? Making lists are useless and retarded.

I don't know about you but I only buy Dvds, I'm not really into $10 more per movie when I'll only probably watch it three times and I buy Dvds by the bulk making blue-ray too expensive for my needs.

Plus not everyone wants to game online, the included wifi in the PS3 is an added cost not everyone appreciates. And not everyone needs wifi when they can use an ethernet cable. MS gives you the choice of an addon if you want to go online, and not everyone does, its not a forced cost like the PS3. The PS3 offers the full-spec for a hardcore gamer, the arcade 360 offers a pack for the people who just want to play some games, not the whole online shebang.

LMAO @phantom disagrees. Mind stating why?

GiantEnemyCrab4198d ago

"don t get it why the xbox360 sold so good"

1. Good Price

2. Awesome games

3. Gold standard of online services

4. Great Marketing

Seems simple. The 360 is the HD gaming machine this gen in all the major markets that matter except Japan.

Grooski4197d ago


What major markets? US? UK? Most of the world (and majority of market size) left over. Oh you use the caveat "that matter". Oh that makes it alright then doesn't it?

bpac1234567894197d ago


You wan't to know why you got so many disagrees, this is why:

"I don't know about you but I only buy Dvds, I'm not really into $10 more per movie..."

- you may think this way but the reality is, a lot of people don't. Most people like quality and blu- ray offers this. for me it's worth the extra 10 dollars for the significantly higher quality, the incredible sound, and the ridiculous amount of extra features (that are sometimes unecessary). Watch The dark knight in blu-ray and 5.1 PCM audio and then tell me it's not worth the extra few bucks.

"Plus not everyone wants to game online, the included wifi in the PS3 is an added cost not everyone appreciates."

- your only half right here. Yes not everyone want's to game online but over 70% of PS3 owners do. And wifi is becoming extremely popular because no one wants wires running from all rooms of the house connecting to one modem. It creates alot of hastle and it's ugly. I'm glad Sony chose to include wifi into the system and i don't have to tack on some ugly (and somewhat expensive) antena like the 360.

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