The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, keep your Trophies when you switch to the PS5 version

If you have already unlocked Trophies in the PS4 version of The Last of Us Part 2, there is good news. You will not lose them if you upgrade to the remastered edition for PS5 including the platinum.

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rippermcrip98d ago

What a pointless article. Who thought you would "lose them"? That has never happened.

Anyone who cares about trophies would rather be able to gain them a 2nd time, which is what the common practice is in this situation.

CrimsonWing6998d ago

I don’t think they were alluding to you “losing” your trophies, but rather they’re saying the trophy progress you earned transfers over to the Remaster.

This wasn’t the case with the initial PS4 Remaster (not to be confused with the PS5 Remake). Not all games do this, either. I care about trophies, but don’t necessarily want to sink my time into getting them all over again, so for me this is a positive.

rippermcrip98d ago

"I care about trophies, but don’t necessarily want to sink my time into getting them all over again, so for me this is a positive." - then just don't? It doesn't harm you.

Why would you be against being able to earn them again?

I_am_Batman98d ago

Sony should've just made it so that both games point to the same trophy entries on their server. It's kinda stupid that you basically get a second platinum trophy for free. Not that the competative aspect of trophy hunting is worth much anyway, when there are shovelware games specifically designed to give you an easy platinum in the least amount of time possible.

It's also strange to me that Sony still hasn't implemented a way to reset your trophies for a specific game in case you want to earn them again without needing to create another account. Not to mention that it would also give us a way to get rid of single digit percentage entries we aren't planning to play again. They just end up cluttering the trophy list.

Rhythmattic98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Kevin Butler at the now evaporated E3 said it bes....

Rhythmattic98d ago

“Staying up until 3am to earn a trophy that isn’t real..............But is"

CrimsonWing6998d ago


“Why would you be against being able to earn them again?“

Like I said, I don’t necessarily want to put all that “time” into doing it all over again after already accomplishing it in the previous version.

I mean, I’ll do it if that’s just what has to be done since I’m an OCD Completionist, but I don’t necessarily want to put a massive amount of hours into something I’ve already done.

I just want to enjoy the new content, play through the updated version of the game, and earn any “new” trophies.

rippermcrip98d ago

So Sony shouldn't do that because you have OCD? Not exactly a fair argument.

CrimsonWing6997d ago


“So Sony shouldn't do that because you have OCD? Not exactly a fair argument.”

Help me out here… you literally asked me why I wouldn’t want to get all the trophies over again, to which I responded because I don’t want to sink the amount of time into unlocking all the trophies for the second time, but if Sony didn’t unlock them that I would still unlock the trophies again because I’m an OCD completionist.

At what point is there an “unfair” argument in my response to you?

Is it the fact that I like Sony is allowing the trophies to be unlocked IF (“if” being the keyword here) you’ve already unlocked them before?

I’m so confused from whatever you’re going on about…

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P_Bomb98d ago

Love me some autopop. Gonna do a relaxed replay somewhere down the line.


Last of Us: No Return Trophy Guide

Last of Us Part 2 Remastered has released & it comes with a new rougelike mode! Use our No Return Trophy guide to earn the new Trophies!

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Sony saves PS5 owners $50 with The Last of Us 2 Remaster gesture

Naughty Dog and Sony are doing something unheard of, and that’s giving you a wad of cash back for pre-ordering The Last of Us 2 Remaster on PS5.

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FlavorLav0195d ago

Agreed. $10 for a 120fps mode and all new survival mode is a great value for existing owners. And I haven’t played this game since my PS4 pro days, so that’s a no brainer for me.

toxic-inferno95d ago

I've only just finished the game on PS4 (bought it in 2021 for £10). Enjoyed the game so much, and it's incredible to think I can now get the remaster and extra content - while still having only paid half the launch cost of the remaster!

Say what you want about the remaster being unnecessary, but this is some serious generosity that is rarely seen in the industry these days.

Cacabunga94d ago

I didn’t like the game, but this is def good offer

seanpitt2395d ago

Well let's be honest it didn't need a remaster obviously! That's why the graphics are the exact same! They could of gave the extra content for free like Santa Monica did with the god of war DLC as a sorry for letting everyone down with the balls up of MP factions!

toxic-inferno94d ago

They didn't let everyone down. I was actually relieved to hear they'd cancelled the game. Leave ND to do what they do best. Multiplayer games require a huge amount of resources to produce and continue to support. I'd rather them use those resources to make new single player experiences.

Hopefully this will have freed them up to release games more regularly.

anast94d ago

TOP's comments are a series of stupid takes.

Nobody wanted TLoU 2: fortnight edition. The graphics are not the same. ND is selling work, they shouldn't be forced to give their work out for free.

GamerRN94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I mean, they didn't add or change a whole lot, so $10 is a nice little cash grab also...

That being said, I haven't played TLOU2 yet so I'll probably grab it if it runs well

isarai89d ago

Literally added 3 new levels, a entirely new game mode, a library of skins and new playable characters, as well as update visuals, admittedly very minimal updates, but still it's some sprinkles on top of all the other stuff added.

GamerRN88d ago

They didn't add 3 new levels, they included unfinished cut content... Big difference

Shikoku95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

10$ to "upgrade" it is better than wanting full price but honestly it's not a big enough change and the game just wasn't as good as the first.

lucian22995d ago

combat was way better than the first's, just cuz you're mad at the story doesnt make the gameplay bad lol

InUrFoxHole95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

He didn't say the gameplay was bad but who sits through a crappy story in a single player game just because the gameplay is smooth?

DarXyde95d ago


Is that a serious question?

You don't think it's worth playing a game with a bad story if the gameplay is great?

That's interesting, but there implication here is that TLOU 2 has a "crappy story", am I right? Completely disagree with that. You can say it wasn't as good as the first, but a crappy story? I'm what way?