Electronic Arts Blew this Console Cycle?

Electronic Arts is the focus of attention for both analysts and gamers as 2008 is closing. The publisher, which is already facing stiff competition from Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft, has seen worse than expected results in the last month, deciding to lay off more than 1,000 people, about 10% of its workforce, while also closing down or consolidating a lot of studios, including Need for Speed: Undercover developer Black Box. New intellectual properties like Dead Space, a space based horror shooter, and Mirror's Edge, the free running DICE developed title, have failed to make the impact that the company had hoped for.

Some analysts believe that the recent news shows how the publisher missed the start of this console cycle and needs to rethink its strategy in order to create successful titles.

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Vip3r5666d ago

I wish they'd done a new SSX game for this gen. I loved that series. :(

Sony PlayStation 35666d ago (Edited 5666d ago )

I thought they really "upped their game" (pun IS intended) this gen!

Great new IPs like: Skate, Dead Space, Army of Two, Rock Band 1&2 and Mirror's Edge

Quality sequels like: Burnout Paradise, BattleField Bad Company, Madden NFLs

The only duds (quality wise, not sales) were: Some of the Need for Speeds and Face Breaker

I'm pleasantly surprised at how EA stopped only releasing the same sequels and half-assed new IPs and did a huge overhaul and came out with some really fantastic titles!

JonahFalcon5666d ago

Unfortunately, their big titles all underperformed, including Spore. There's a reason they cut 10% of their workforce.

ThanatosDMC5666d ago

I disagree with one of the games you mentioned. Army of Two is not a good game at all.

prunchess5665d ago

I own 15 PS3 games and not one of those EA games listed is amongst them. I am not a fan of this company. IMO most of the games they put out are second rate. The only exception is FIFA 09. I really love this game.

khsmooth5665d ago

I've not only have owned 15 to 20 games, but I've played well over 60 titles so far and not one of those were an EA game. Not saying there games are bad but other games are winning my attention better then the offerings from EA. That's just the plain truth.

BlackTar1875665d ago

or didnt play it. I loved that game one of the top games of 2008 for me. If you didntplay the games and are hating because thast what you do then i feel sorry for you if you played it and didnt like it thats fair. I hate EA as well they are the evil empire but good games deserve to get bought regardless so if you havent played them dont comment on them sucking or underperformign please. Also even EA deserves there games to be reckonigized if solid and its a terrible disservice to the industry if you use emotion to gauge these varibles.

khsmooth5665d ago

I'm not hating on EA games and I heard great stuff from my friends about Dead Space, but I have other games that I want to play more that I simply don't have the interest to invest in playing it at the moment. Not to say that I won't ever play it, just saying other games are grabbing my attention better that it's hard to see when I'll be able to play it. I have the demo and I haven't even been able to check it out.

BlackTar1875665d ago

Sounds resonable and makes sense. I myself would love for everyone to buy it I love the game and EA in te last 5yrs=crap 2008 was differnt. But yeah thanks for the response and to know your level headed. I just like to make sure the dev teams behind some of my favorite games get there money so I can see sequels. but since your still open to playing It I say you jump in at least rent it check it out but game is great . I recommend watching the prequeal DVD first then the digital comics then the game I didnt and I actually enjoyed it 2x as much on my second playthough since I was able to ref. all that other info and tie it in myself(which equals a win for me I love thinking and nostaligia on my games) i love the Hey I know whats going on feeling when other games leave you kinda clueless.

ANyways thabnks for the response and bubbles for being constructive.

khsmooth5665d ago

I know exactly where you're coming from. I was surprised/giddy to hear that Beyond Good & Evil was getting the sequel treatment. That game didn't sell well at all and I still hold a torch for Psychonaugts to get the sequel treatment. I'm a game enthusiast so I truly understand how you feel when you see something truly engaging in a game and would like to see the continuation of that game's life. Special shoutout goes out to folklore.

BlackTar1875665d ago (Edited 5665d ago )

Yeah Beyond Good and Evil sequeal I was like no F'in way anything is possible I would say that game is in y top 10 ore 15 of all time and pcyhonauts was another underappreciated game by the general pop. both greta games and its sad when they dont get to live out there life or its short lived. Man when I saw Beyond getting a sequel or Actully when I saw the pIG im like no way thats from beyond and then there like sequal Im like its a fricken joke buts its not.

Nice Avatar

Me 2 I play everygame I can get my hands on it doesnt matter wel except maybe Barbie horeses or something but

Add BlackTar on PSN
or ThizzWshingtn on Xbox I realy play almost everygame that comes out so if you ever playing Coop or MP and need help send a invite almost 95% i have the game.

I have to bring up SNATCHERS SEGA CD needs a sequel probably the best single exp. I have ever had with a game well besides maybe MGS1(PS1)and RES1(PS1)

maybe also Mercs (Genesis)

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PirateThom5666d ago

I don't know what EA is doing, but they've released some great titles recently.

JonahFalcon5666d ago

Doesn't matter if no one buys them.

il-mouzer5665d ago

shall I link you this years sales?

EA has almost 4 or 5 IPs in the top 10...

BlackTar1875665d ago (Edited 5665d ago )

No company can get better if you don't let them redeem themselves. I would say I have almost forgiven EA for being crappy with titles like Mirrors Edge, Dead Space,and Burnout Paradise.

I just feel if you want this industry to succedd support the individual who brought you solid games. Not EA as a Whole but the individuals who worked hard to make these games. Your just a newb if you don't play solid games because they have EA on them.

Now I hate/hated EA and still do kinda but EA has done so much for videogames its ridicules and to let them die is gonna hurt the industry way more then help. I think so far as consumers were doing it right or them by complaining and what happen solid ass games were released in 08 but by not buying solid titles you are ruining it and making it not worth there wild. and in the long run ruining something you may regret later.

Dont let your emotion or being stubborn or sense of self worth take away from supportin things we love and or titles that are solid.

I hate VALVE my most hated company but Left 4 Dead was solid and I bought it doesnt mean I have to like the company heads at valve but a good games deserves to be showed supprt to the hard working people who made it and will always support those people regardless of who si the nazi up top.

lord_of_balrogs5666d ago

NHL09 was pretty good this year, even better than 06/07and08.

Spike475666d ago

and it just passed me by like some other random game.

free2game3655665d ago

I actually heard it was extremely successful sales wise. It's a casual focused game, you aren't going to hear much about it on sites like this. That probably sold 2-3 million copies, then there's stuff like Warhammer Online which did really well. It's not as bad as most people think.

JonahFalcon5664d ago

No. It underperformed. Yes, it sold, what, 2M? But EA was thinking blockbuster on the level of GTA4 with 3M in the first week.

TheColbertinator5666d ago

Spore messed up because of DRM.Let that be a lesson to all publishers.

Dead Space and Mirrors Edge were great.Just give those two some time and I'm sure they will sell.

Need for Speed sucked.

However I think EA just snagged a good strategy which is releasing games in January.

Skate 2 will have the same good sales impact that burnout:paradise had in the beginning of last year

JonahFalcon5665d ago

Spore was not messed up because of the DRM. It just didn't resemble the game Wright showed off in 2005.