17 Xbox Series X | S Exclusives of 2024 and Beyond

Xbox has a slew of games lined up for release in 2024 and beyond, and this feature will list down 15 of the best Xbox Series X/S games coming out.

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Obscure_Observer99d ago

There´s more:

Indiana Jones
Flight Simulator 2024
The Outer Worlds 2


Gears 6
Fallout 5
Project Mara
Project Dragon
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Remake
Gears of War Collection
New Halo

Zeref99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Also new Activision and Blizzard games are gonna be exclusive.

I know Infinity Ward is working on an RPG.
And there's Project Oddysey from Blizzard.

Xbox is really becoming the house of western RPGs haha

Lightning7799d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Not all ABK stuff will be exclusive. Crash, Spyro etc will be multiplat full stop. Returning franchises will be multiplat. They will have some exclusives but I think ABK will be 50, 50 tbh, if even that now that I think about it.

Blizzards Odyssey will be multiplat IMO. Again this is alll imo I haven't heard anything yet we'll have to see.

Zeref99d ago


Lol if they're willing to make Elder Scrolls and pretty much everything else outside of CoD and Minecraft exclusive, what actually makes you think Spyro and Crash won't be? 😂

BeHunted99d ago


Crash and Spyro are Xbox’s property and emblem. Copium

Lightning7799d ago

Crash and Spyro are Multiplats. MS doesn't gain anything keeping those games only on Xbox. It'll be day one on GP of course they'll be on PS and Switch.

@Hunted what am I coping exactly? Big heavy hitting games like a Elder Scrolls will be exclusive because that will drive gamepass and even console sales. Spyro and Crash not so much on that front.

98d ago
Markusb3398d ago

these games will all be on pc, so they are not exclusive to xb

dcbronco98d ago

Zeref, Crash and Spyro appeals to children. Microsoft never seems willing to cut children off. It might be brand building or it might be they just won't deny them. But as for anything adult I don't think there are limits to what will be made exclusive. Like you said Elder Scholls was made exclusive. A lot of games will be as they buy more companies. Unless of course the government jumps in and ignores all of Sony's exclusivity deals, even ones that state companies can't work on Xbox, and stops Microsoft from controlling its own software. Which also wouldn't surprise me.

anast98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

A circus tent of Bethesda jank is more like it. When Bethesda makes something even remotely close to Marrowind, New Vegas, BG3, and so on, then I would call it a house.

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DOMination-99d ago

In addition there are also 10-15 games in development by third parties but will be published by Xbox Game Studios. Of which, we know only a few so far:

OD by KojiPro
Contraband by Avalanche
007 game by IO (heavily rumoured)
People can Fly project (confirmed only as a AAA title)


Zeref99d ago

Isn't the IO game Project Dragon?

porkChop98d ago

IO Interactive is self publishing their 007 game. The Xbox project is called Project Fantasy, formerly Project Dragon.

Markusb3398d ago

there are no xb exclusives since they go day and date with pc, look up the word exclusive

PrinceOfAnger98d ago

Is Horizon forbidden west, Returnal and Ratchet a PS5 console exclusive or NoT ?

Zeref98d ago

The definition has changed. Get with the program.

The only console with true exclusives is the Switch.

porkChop98d ago

Fallout 5 isn't coming until after TES VI. Todd Howard already said this. It's not coming this generation.

MightyHealthy98d ago

I guess a lot of ppl aren't fans of upcoming game release lists lolz....
I want you to know I appreciated your post

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purple10199d ago

did they really just show me footage from perfect dark n64/ xbx360

that's 2 GENERATIONS AGO, they still clinging onto hope I see

Obscure_Observer99d ago

Not sure what you meant by "hope".

Perfect Dark has been developed by an entire new studio and built from the ground up.

The game was announced later in 2020, and, with so many first party games in development at XGS, there´s absolutely zero reason to rush it.

itsmebryan99d ago

I guess we won't have to hear 'Xbox had no games!" Anymore.
Also @purple
What Gen is TLOU2 from? 🤔

InUrFoxHole99d ago

No but they'll simply move their goal posts and say something like... xbox has to buy games. Forgetting sony has purchased studios as well. Same game different name.

MrDead99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Xbox will still have the same amount of games as always, they've just removed competitions access to multiplatform publishers. They've just convinced you that removing games from competitors means you're getting more when the truth is because of MS others are getting less.

purple10198d ago

Careful, TLOU wasn’t rehashed from a 5th gen n64 game

I doubt you were alive when perfect dark first released but I was

And it was game of the year,
In 1999. Time to move on

rippermcrip99d ago

Not a single "exclusive" on there.

Elda99d ago

If those games aren't released on the PS5 or Nintendo gaming console then they are XB gaming console exclusives.

piroh99d ago

Title say "Xbox series exclusives" so he is right there are no exclusives, only console exclusives

P_Bomb99d ago

I’m fine with the term ‘console exclusive’, as I don’t play on PC. It tells me what I need to know about what’s going where. What I have to look forward to in different ecosystems.

itsmebryan99d ago

Do you include every PS game on PC as not an exclusive? If so Sony doesn't have very many exclusives. One might say "PS has no games!".

Lazarus6999d ago

Yes if a Playstation game is available on another platform it's not an exclusive, PS fans have no problem saying that. They're not the ones calling games exclusive when thay are available on another platorm,PS has plenty of games which are true exclusives. Also if some says " PS has no games" then that person would be a moron.