CES: Panasonic Exec Sees 3D HD As The Next Big Thing

Barrons writes: "As I reported a few days ago, Panasonic (PC) made the case for 3D television in a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In an interview on Friday with Tech Trader Daily, Yoshi Yamada, CEO of Panasonic's North American arm, asserted that 3D could be the third great leap in the history of television, ranking with the move to color from black and white and the switch to flat-panels from cathode ray tubes."

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Handsome_Devil3570d ago

That could be very true, maybe in some amount of years from now.

hitthegspot3570d ago

3D TV is about as smart of an idea as Virtual Boy. Why aren't they putting more focus on things that matter like the Wall TV. We need it larger. 3D is going to be a fad...

dustgavin3570d ago

Why would you compare the Virtual Boy to this technology? I think it could very well take off if implemented properly. 3D has been vastly improved since the 90's. Don't believe me? Check out a 3d movie at Imax. It is pretty wild.

Heldrasil3570d ago

You are correct!
I took the kids to see "Polar Express" in 3D, without doubt the best 3D experience I have had to date. If 3d keeps on with that film I will be sold.

hitthegspot3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Not so much for everyday TV. It belongs in theaters and it would be cool for gaming. I don't want to wear glasses every time I sit down to watch a game or prime time TV.

Graphics Whore3570d ago

If you could attain this without peripherals there's a big consumer market out there who are ready to pounce on this, this ain't your 1990's virtua boy.

cryymoar3569d ago

And Sony is once again on the forefront with the PS3.

I'm asking you, why do people want to see Sony fail when they are doing amazing things?