Will Xbox's Exclusives Eat Playstation's Lunch In 2024?

IGN: "Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch. This week Daemon is joined by Podcast Unlocked's Ryan McCaffrey, and Podcast Beyond's Jada Griffin. The topic: Xbox finally has some first-party games coming this year, and it surprisingly looks more promising than the PS5's 2024 offerings."

shinoff2183195d ago

I know there probably talking about 1st party but in general

No lol, ff7 rebirth is the best thing coming out this year that we know of. Silent hill 2 remake is probably gonna be better then xboxs offerings. Also take into account all the jrpgs coming put that xbox probably won't get.

I'm also sure sonys got a surprise or two up it's sleeve, as well as xbox.

BeHunted194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Are you really trying to compare third-party IPs with first-party ones? 😂😂😂

ApocalypseShadow194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

He's only highlighting what's going to be there in addition to what Sony will have in 2024. We've played this game again and again for a long time that Sony has no games. And again and again, Sony has risen to the challenge and embarrassed the other side. Dropped mics. Shut mouths when it comes to real numbers and not useless metrics that don't mean shit.

PlayStation fans have never had to worry about getting high quality games compared to Microsoft. Because from history, we know that PlayStation consoles don't just rely on 1st party games to stomp all over Microsoft's Xbox. Excluding PS1 where Microsoft wasn't there, when one thinks of PS2, PS3 and PS4, not only does Sony offer amazing 1st party games, they have exclusives that are wanted on a worldwide basis over Microsoft's offerings. It's why Microsoft gets destroyed in sales again and again. Which forced Microsoft to buy up some 3rd party publishers in an attempt to take away those 3rd party exclusives Sony gets as market leader. Because of console sales and software sales 3rd parties know they have a better chance on with PlayStation.

But even with Microsoft's attempt in trying to take away multiplatform franchises from Sony, Sony just ends up still getting more exclusives from many other developers that won't land on Xbox. We already know some of the huge list of games that will only be on PlayStation. No need to mention them.

It shouldn't be the case that a 100 billion dollar company slaps around a 2 TRILLION dollar company again and again. But that's been the case for generations. PS5 is just the latest smackdown Microsoft is receiving that pushed them to throw a Hail Mary. But the truth still remains. Is there anything Microsoft is offering that will stop Sony's hardware and software sales? Sony is breaking records even now and all they tossed out was Spider-Man 2. What do gamers think are going to happen, that has happened over and over, when Sony's other world class first party developers jump into the PS5 and announce their games? Microsoft's 1st party has been floundering, flailing, trying to come up with something to thwart Sony, but Sony keeps defeating them. And adding things like VR or Portal or haptics in the controller, etc, that Microsoft never matches.

He doesn't have to mention 1st party because we know 1st party are developing games as we speak and will be announced soon enough. They aren't sitting on their asses in Sony's offices doing nothing. Just look at PS2, PS3 and PS4 last years where Sony created a flood of games. One of them being game of the generation with the TLofU. Nothing else needs to be said. Nothing needs to be worried about and has to be said if you own a PlayStation.

Terry_B194d ago

He is comparing third party IP's to third party IP's.

On Steam, Microsoft is nothing but one of thousands of developers.

194d ago
Crows90194d ago

I'm confused with your comment...explain to me how Xbox has ever shown that 1st party quality is greater than 3rd party?

Sony has done that consistently but Microsoft never has....so yeah he's comparing Xbox quality to 3rd party which is normally superior to Xbox 1st party quality.

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Crows90194d ago

Why? We've seen nothing of concord...no need to be hyped for nothing.

PrinceOfAnger193d ago

So much salt here they can't accept that microsoft had more first party games than sony in 2023
Hi fi rush , Forza , Starfield , etc And 2024 will be even better!

Profchaos193d ago

Prince of anger let's be honest 2023 the best first party exclusive games were Nintendo's totk and Mario wonder two goty contenders

-Foxtrot193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

The thing is if Sony has a trick or two up it's sleeve then they need to show it now

The issue is Sony is becoming far to relaxed and they think they don't need to do anything since they are dominiating the market so well but Microsoft does have games coming up thanks to buying up so much. When you buying a publisher with MULTIPLE gaming studios under their wings then yeah they are going to have a lot coming out so Sony need to kind of realise that.

It's funny because Microsoft are in that position now where if they have another really shit year or two then personally I think they could be done with consoles and it's most likely why we currently have all this talk of third party, testing the waters and the like. Sony has this chance, if not a really, really small one of potential games they once thought were gone forever coming to their console and they are like "Meh, see what happens". If Microsoft gets a second wind then they will keep going and Sony looses that, so its crazy to me Sony isn't using everything at their disposal to knock it out of the park with an onslaught of their own games to get those potential games again.

Unless this is just the punishment of going after all that GaaS shit.

Profchaos193d ago

I feel like Sony is returning to their 2006 attitude of whatever we're the best and you'll work an extra job just to buy a PS3.

And the we don't don't need 3rd parties they had at the end of the PS2

That arrogance almost cost them the 7th generation.

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ChasterMies194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Hasn’t been true in the last 11 years so I don’t know why this year would be any different, In fact,

Lightning77194d ago

By counting the the number of first party games releasing this year between PS and Xbox?

Talk about denial damn.

194d ago
ocelot07194d ago

So it's now quantity over quality now? So if Sony go and release 20 first party asset flips £1 games in 2024.

In your strange and weird mind. That now means they will have a better year than Microsoft.

Very odd very odd indeed.

ChasterMies193d ago

“By counting the number”

Indeed, Microsoft is all about reporting higher numbers except sales numbers.

EvertonFC194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Exactly, it doesn't even cross my mind with Playstation. You just know you get great games throughout the year.
Finally nice to see Xbox in year 3 🤣😂

Lightning77194d ago

@Jones The good ol "look what happened back then" argument.

It's not an argument though, so what about back then? It's common knowledge they had nothing, nothing at all, so what's your point?

Crows90194d ago

Its common knowledge now? Wow...wish it was common knowledge back then.

You know what else is common knowledge. Sony delivers great games every generation and Microsoft doesn't.

Maybe that'll change but we won't know until games release.

193d ago
Barlos194d ago

Just wait. This is the year of Xbox! We've heard this every year for a decade now. One day it might be true 😂

Zeref194d ago

They did it last year, and Xbox's lineup looks even stronger this year. While Sony has nothing once again.

BehindTheRows193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

They did what last year? Release stuff like Forza (flop), Redfall (flop) and Starfield (delivered nothing close to its hype)? I'll give them Hifi Rush, but what else did they deliver? What made people rush out and buy Xbox consoles? Nothing. Not even Starfield.

Sony? Spider-Man 2 (which destroyed every game they released last year critically and commercially) AND pushed a crap ton of consoles. That one game bitch-slapped everything your favorite company released. Never mind 3rd party games like FFXVI, which also pushed consoles and was well received.

Microsoft, themselves, know they have a game problem, but their out-of-tune fans continue to pay rent in LaLa Land and that's why the quality remains so low. They know you couldn't care less and won't demand better.

ChasterMies193d ago

“Xbox’s lineup looks even stronger this year”

Like that’s hard.

Zeref193d ago


Cope harder lol

BehindTheRows193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

“Cope harder”

I know you’re struggling, but try to actually offer a rebuttal.

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Lightning77193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

@Crows of course it's common knowledge how can anyone defend 0 games the past 12 years? Xbox fanboys in denial perhaps? Having no games during those times is a little hard to defend your brain would bleed trying to defend that.

@OC huh? Nice little assumption. Xbox can can have 100 games and if none of them are good then they might as well go back to not releasing anything. 0 games is better flooding the service with bad games.

Again nice little assumption you got there.

@Fever I'm talking about the number of first party releasing for Xbox compared to PS. Not sales numbers I dunno where you got that from.

Lightning77193d ago

@Jones again you fanboys come out of no where y'all mate like rabbits maybe you're an alt account who knows.

yep PS sales more. Again common knowledge not sure why you're telling me this. No you thought I was gonna argue them having no games. I don't argue facts like most do here, nice try.

That's great now Xbox has potential to have good games this time around lol.

Tedakin193d ago

Name 1 first party exclusive Sony is releasing in 2024. The Last of U2 again only 3 years later?