PlayStation Home: Headed in the Right Direction

EndSights writes:

"Close to a month ago, I wrote an editorial about PlayStation Home entitled "Who Was PlayStation Home Again". In the editorial, I was critical of the online virtual world for a myriad of reasons-inability to join up with friends and launch games, endless waiting for different Home mini-games to open up so I could play them, and games spaces that left a lot to be desired. Essentially, I said that until Home "gets that one thing-that one feature that makes it compelling, [Sony's] ambitious push into the online space will be for naught."

Sony might have stumbled on that one feature."

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Spike474193d ago

somehow it finds a way to get even better with time. I think that those who say it's boring are just not using it the right way.

dannyhinote_134192d ago

I think there are plenty of things to fix on the service as it stands right now. I mean, I get the social aspects (which I don't really want)...but I want to play some of the games they have...but they're really hard to get into. It's frustrating that I have to stand in a line to join in.

eagle214192d ago

The better it will get, simple.

MaximusPrime4192d ago

well i been a member of closed beta and have seen some changes.

you are right that people who moans are not using it in a right way.

StephanieBBB4192d ago

But when the poker corner gets released, I for one can't wait to jump in and try it!

Milky Joe4192d ago

This is what people in the know have been talking about for ages. Home Open Beta is no where near the finished article. What we have at the moment is a black and white photocopy of of a 3 year-old's drawing of a low res photo of an empty shell of what it will become.

Anyone who has written Home off already is, frankly, retarded... No offence :P

na2ru14192d ago

It will ["evolve"] (emphasis added).

Just check how far the PSN store has come, and the firmwire features, and the amount of exclusive games, and the PC comparable graphics...

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thewesker4192d ago

Home needs to get better.

avsrule4192d ago

Agreed...still don't want to go into Home. Maybe it'll change in the future though, I don't know.

interrergator4192d ago

avsrule it will i mean it just came out a month ago so give it time

Rezzolution4192d ago

Yeah, Home has a long way to go before it becomes even remotely meaningful.

ARog344192d ago

The EA Sports Complex is a 'start' for other companies to jump into the world of 'Home'...

It's not deep as of now- but added 'media' features (pics, music, video) to each people's appt. will bring people back into the environment day after day.

Chicago85064192d ago

Home is just added depth to an already great console. In my opinion, Home has been headed in the right direction since it was a thought. It will get better, it does everytime they update it.

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The story is too old to be commented.