Best Buy holds $9.99 Xbox 360 game sale

Best Buy Co. Inc. stores this week began a new game sale that discounts titles for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 to under $10.

Titles priced at $9.99 this week include MLB 2K8, Facebreaker, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, Ninja Gaiden II, and Turok.

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morganfell3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

The PS3 versions of Condemned 2, Facebreaker, Turok, and MLB2K8 are also $9.99.

morganfell3568d ago

What, you disagree that is the price? Then go check. Or the reality that you disagree just because suddenly the story doesn't have the impact you had hoped.

bassturd3568d ago

really sweet. I was wondering if Condemned 2 would also be 10 bucks. That's a damn good deal. Gonna take advantage of the PS3 version I guess.

you get disagrees for actually being helpful and informative on N4G. That is how it works. I'll give you an agree and a bubble tho. 1 vs 3...doesn't exactly balance it out tho.

Uneducated Loser3568d ago

"Or the reality that you disagree just because suddenly the story doesn't have the impact you had hoped. "

You go into every 360 thread and post pointless crap about the PS3. Get a life dude. Stop spamming every article first. You are on here just as much as's getting sad

morganfell3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

No Uneducated Loser, I could have went after the story in the report column but I didn't. The fact is the title of the story is incorrect and people like you do not like having that pointed out. The story should either read "Best Buy has sell on 360 and PS3 titles" or else it should say "Best Buy holds sale on NG2". Either way having the PS3 with several equally inexpensive titles is something apparently you do not think should have been reported.

If you notice in my initial post there was no malice, simply an accounting of the facts. How is that not news? In your book it isn't news when it removes some advantage.

It was only when ridiculous disagrees were added that I posted the follow on remarks. If anyone has issues it is you and the people with the disagrees.

Here is some other news for you. 360 threads are not restricted to only 360 owners (which by the way I am).

And I am on here a bit. I guess it angers you that some of us had the work ethic and foresight to be able to engineer a life where we are now able to retire in comfort and devote days and nights to a myriad of hobbies. Tough.

thenickel3568d ago

"Here is some other news for you. 360 threads are not restricted to only 360 owners"

Actually 360 news should be about 360 just like PS3 should be about PS3. I could see if you mentioned both consoles but you only spoke of PS3. Your off topic so don't angry or offended if people don't agree with you.

Back on topic: Sounds like a deal but personally I'm waiting for titles to pop up I have to of played for that price.

Uneducated Loser3568d ago

I put $20 on Morgan being 11 and living off the $5 a week allowance. No self respecting man would be on this site that often.

morganfell3568d ago

Why should I mention both consoles? I used the word 'ALSO' since the title had already named the 360 versions. I was simply filling in the gap.

And as for thenickeel, I didn't have to get off the first page of your post history before I saw you dragging PS3 attacks into a 360 thread. You are the last person that should be accusing someone else of being OT. The first words mentioned in this thread deal with Best Buy and a sale at $9.99. When the PS3 titles constitute all but one of the 360 titles mentioned then that is indeed news and not OT. You may also want to consider the story is on the main page and not just the 360 section. And my comments have assisted one forum visitor in this thread already.

As for Uneducated, people like you get the ignore button. It is funny how easy it is to see your erred ways when you lose the argument, and throw your hands in the air screaming as all you have left are quite incorrect personal attacks. I will say that you are indeed likely a teenager as you hold the teenagers view that gaming is only for those wrestling with the woes of puberty. Sorry, but as a huge HALO supporter once remarked in a HALO 2 documentary, gaming used to be the domain of the geeks and that is no longer true.

It is a fairly uneducated view that only young kids game when in fact ESA's survey figures reveal just the opposite.

The average gamer age is actually 35. Your name truly suits you Uneducated. Gaming cuts across all ages and all social lines. Good luck and goodbye kid.

TheDude2dot03567d ago

You have to give them some slack because you are a big supporter of Sony.

But Uneducated Loser, those were really dumb insults. You need some better material than insults used in 4th grade.

thenickel3567d ago

Good try to identify and throw worthless insults because you don't like being wrong. 1st off I'm 35 and second this Uneducated person brings in 30k a month so I guess it pays to be dumb. As for my history it's easy to see that extreme fanboys like yourself will always have a problem with someone that views things differently then you do. I could see if I was strictly MS and agreed with everything they do but i don't. Your just one of those people that think they have the world figured out but really have no idea what the he11 your talking about. You were wrong Morgan so just get over yourself and drop some of that pride because you don't like to be called out.

morganfell3567d ago

Uhm, the nickel pal, can you not read? Where did I discuss you except regarding your post history? You need to calm down, take your Ritalin or whatever you use. The age of a poster was in reference to Uneducated. You need glasses or a grammar lesson. Pick one.

In "calling me out" you successfully made yourself look like the poster to whom I was referring in most of my remarks - Uneducated Loser. Other than pointing out to you that you were being hypocritical when one considers your own post history, nothing else in my remarks were for you...unless you have a second account under the name Uneducated Loser.

#0 grand a month and you are still working? Smell that? Yes that's exactly what it is. The bull is certainly here. It must be stuck to your shoes...

thenickel3564d ago

My bad....I didn't realize his name was Uneducated loser.

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Bnet3433568d ago

dude, Ninja Gaiden 2 for $10? If no one picks that up you deserve to get your balls cut off.

ReBurn3568d ago

Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can find Facebreaker and Ninja Gaiden II. I'd pay $10 each for those. Maybe Turok, too.

rogimusprime3568d ago

while not nearly as polished as NG1, its a tragedy for NGII to be on sale for as much as a CD. Anyway, if you don't have this game already, theres no excuse not to get it now.

I wish they would put dead rising on sale for that much... I never had a chance to play it.

TruthBTold3568d ago

Turok eeehhh... not sure if its really even worth 10.00. Man I wish games were this cheap all of the time. Imagine how many games you would buy from day one. Not jsut that but how many games would be sold and how many consoles. Well, back to reality. One game max every month.

HowarthsNJ3568d ago

and Conan (PS3)is $10.00

cheapndirty3567d ago

Awww man I just bought NG 2 for 15.00 used from GAmefly. Oh well. I did get Condemed 2 for 5.00 at target though. Face breaker for 10.00? SOld. Turok seems kinds boring. I borrower it from my neighbor and it seems a little bland. Or should I try it longer?

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ActionBastard3568d ago

I grabbed NG2. $10.81?! Sold. Now let's hope it doesn't RROD my console. My buddy's Elite died when we played this.

*Fingers crossed*

bassturd3568d ago

install it, problem solved!

hitthegspot3568d ago

I got NG2 at gamestop before Christmas with the Buy 2 get 1 free...

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