Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League NDA Lifts for Closed Alpha Discussion

After hearing response from the community, Rocksteady is lifting the closed alpha test NDA for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

P_Bomb97d ago

Well then! I was in it. Didn’t play much but I watched my kid put three hours in as Boomerang, and buddy with another hour. The Hall of Justice was sweet. The gameplay tho, what you see is what you get. My overall opinion hasn’t changed. 🤷🏻

Vengeance113896d ago

People have already made up their minds on this game based on all the gameplay vids we've seen. The overwhelming Majority aren't suddenly going to go "Ohhhhhhh, wow, let me re-assess my thoughts on this..."
It's going to flop hard, nothing can stop that.

shadowknight20396d ago

Yeah this game is dead on arrival.


Report: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Future Seasons to Feature Batman and More

According to leaks, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's future seasons will see the return of Batman as well as Arkham's Deathstroke.

-Foxtrot11d ago

So our Batman is actually dead then and died in such an awful way after everything he went through.

Meanwhile their big plan is to revive a version of him from a Medieval Elseworld

Wow. They really ruined the Arkhamverse in a single game.

TheKingKratos11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It's not canon to me

Also it's so stupid to go with Brainiac instead of Darkseid for this elseworld story

DrDoomer10d ago

They must have brought in Neil Cuckmann to write and direct that scene.

0hMyGandhi10d ago

I can honestly imagine you hammering away that last "n" of his name on your keyboard and laughing hysterically to yourself.
Grow up.

Leeroyw10d ago

Gives sweet baby Inc a chance to make the next Batman diverse.

Knightofelemia11d ago

Medieval Elseworld really that sounds like a bigger mess then what the game is. Kudos I have respect that Conroy made some last voice recordings as Batman. But I am still not touching this game I myself I don't do loot and shoot and live service games.

Demetrius11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Lmao must have been some jealousy management had towards the OG rocksteady guys, forcing them to make thus trash and ruin the arkham verse smh now I know we will never get another legit batman title cause the bozos ruined it smh

Hofstaderman11d ago

Wow WB is really committed to this train wreck....

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s First Season is Already Dead on Arrival

Season of the Joker offers little new story content, a recycled boss fight, and a repetitive grind to unlock its new playable character.

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Kaii16d ago

Having to do 1520 missions to finish the battle pass is perhaps the worst battle pass given by any Triple AAA company so far o_O

Repulsive last-ditch effort to get some cash, you've got some funky illegal shit dropping in the storefront though, launching discounted emotes from 1,700 ($17) to 850 ($8.50)

8 Yrs for this shitshow.

just_looken16d ago

If you head 2 the games reddit there are still defenders sadly

Lexreborn215d ago

If there are people who like the game they like the game. That’s not a defense if it’s their reality.

Knightofelemia16d ago

Sill one ugly looking Joker right up there with the Leto Joker. And this Joker still looks like he pitches left field.

anast16d ago

I need to figure out how all these people find money to fail.

RiseNShine15d ago

Possibly the ugliest joker of all time, at least that's something this game will be remembered for.


Suicide Squad Season 1 isn’t enough off the bat, but can it recover?

Kill the Justice League Season 1 is here and it isn't as bad as you've likely heard, but it isn't enough after the long post-launch wait.

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