6 PS5 exclusives that should be on your radar in 2024

Big in 2024: Here are six PS5 console exclusives that you won't want to miss this year.

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Hereandthere163d ago

Xbox on social. PlayStation has no games, yet PlayStation is the only company that has a day and date road map for all their exclusives. Side note, if it's on pc it's not exclusive.

S2Killinit163d ago

Yeah they actually have release dates for anything we know about. Except Wolverine but that was a leak I think.

franwex163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Excluding Nintendo I see…

itsmebryan163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Yeah, you can trust Sony's day and date rosd map because Sony never has delayed games right?

What happened to buying 3rd party exclusives being bad for gamers and the industry? Its better to invest in your own studios. I love how the goal post move to fit a narrative.

The3faces163d ago

Never forget this is N4G where Hypocrisy lives and thrives. Everything Sony does is cheered but when MS does it it's suddenly bad for gaming.

Lightning77163d ago

I remember hearing that for well over 10+ years now. 3rd party exclusives didn't count it HAD to be 1st party. I fully expected that narrative to change and here we are.

Crows90163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

...what happened to it? Nothing did. It's still true. No goal post moved other than what you're imagination moves around for you.

3rd party exclusives are bad for gamers...doesn't affect the industry as whole much though. Buying up the 3rd party devs and making those games permanently exclusive...yeah thats way worse. No goal post has moved ..Xbox has simply enlarged the field to astronomical levels of shitty.

3rd party exclusives used to be as bad as it gets...as usual Xbox leads the pack with worst practices. They've made the worst thing look not as bad anymore compared to how shitty they can be.

Lightning77163d ago

@crows talk about being out of the loop on Twitter/X the PS fanboys are saying it's about 3rd party now. NOW they're upping the importance of third party. When in actuality it's always been important and always will be. Stating the obvious isn't imagination.

Those bad practices started with PS1 and 2. Even Nintendo did it with Sega back then. That practice has been happening for 30 years now.

DigitallyAfflicted163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Not for 3 generations 😂

Edit: did is article about Sony exclusive games, keep x out of it….

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dveio163d ago

"Side note, if it's on pc it's not exclusive."

If you didn't ever own a gaming PC nor plan to get one either, and if you ever only played on a console, then a game that's being released exclusively for any console, fits the base line of "I can't get it on any other console".

In the independent area and market of home consoles, which has actually always existed independently of the PC, a game is console-exclusive, even if it is released for the PC.

Christopher163d ago

That's some mental gymnastics there. The point of exclusive is to sell one platform as being necessary. The point otherwise is to have the ability to reach more of the market. PC is a market. You don't ignore it because it's not a console. In fact, it's the largest and more profitable market than any console. So, you put it there because you are reaching the largest audience outside of mobile.

Lightning77163d ago

So PS barely has any real exclusives then.

Making sure it goes both ways.

Einhander1972163d ago

Their exclusive enough that they won't be on Xbox, can't wait for Blade on PS5 though.

Crows90163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

You're correct. Sony has less exclusives now then before....most however don't release day and date with PC but if you're willing to wait then all power to you.

Sony has already guaranteed I won't go purchasing the next PlayStation. I much prefer to game on PC and am very patient with games

ChasterMies163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

“if it's on pc it's not exclusive”

PC is the Switzerland of the console wars. Whether a game is on PC is meaningless.

Christopher163d ago

100% not how market reach works. This argument only works for people defending plastic.

Lightning77163d ago

@Ein They're exclusive enough not to be on Xbox? Are you really trying to change the rules that literally apply to both machines? I know you're weird but don't be that weird. Yeah no since bringing back the downplay narrative that Xbox has no exclusive because of PC now applies to PS full stop it goes both ways.

Can't wait for my free game from you when you lose that easy bet that Blade is only gonna be on Xbox and PC. You'll probably change your name or something when your wrong.

Einhander1972163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Too busy playing the Granblue Fantasy: Relink Demo and the Arknights: Endfield Tech test to bother with you today.

Can't wait to play Halo, Sea of Thieves and HiFi Rush on my PS5 too, 2027 gonna be playing all your former exclusives, Hype!

Blade gonna be way better on PS5 Pro than xbox!

Lightning77163d ago

Too much logic for you especially logic that gets thrown right back in your face but yeah have fun.

Can't wait to play Halo, Sea of Thieves and HiFi Rush on my PS5 too, 2027 gonna be playing all your former exclusives, Hype!

Blade gonna be way better on PS5 Pro than xbox!

These aren't "my" exclusives I didn't make nor develop these games so I have no clue what you're talking about. Despite the fact that you're spouting nonesense. Nonesense you don't even believe at this point and is just for jokes and gags. It's funny to see those "mediocre" games anticipated by you and others now, suddenly. Regardless you can only hope and dream, the same hoping and dreaming that PS games hitting Nintendo or Xbox from those fanboys.

ravens52163d ago

Why do people lack common sense?
1. Xbox wouldn't have any of these 1st party games if they didn't BUY the MULTIPLATFORM STUDIOS that are making them.
2. The studios that are making these ps exclusives are still FREE TO MAKE EXCLUSIVES FOR OTHER PLATFORMS.


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S2Killinit163d ago

Helldivers 2 omfg I can’t wait for that.

monkey602163d ago

Yeah me too. Pacific Drive also has my hype for some reason

jznrpg163d ago

Cruising in your car up the Pacific Coast Highway sounds like it could be fun in a game. I did this as a young kid up until my 20’s so at least it will offer some nostalgia but the premise of the game sounds interesting and different without the nostalgia.

Doomeduk163d ago

Makes me think of an unlicensed mandolorian type game in a good way

repsahj163d ago

Helldivers 2 will gonna be awesome for sure!!

franwex163d ago

I’m ready for FF7 rebirth!!

ThePacemaker163d ago

No Stellar Blade love?

This game looks stunning.