Destructoid Preview: Dead Rising Wii... Jesus Christ

Destructoid writes:
"Up in the posh Capcom suite at Planet Hollywood, we were handed a Wii remote and placed in front of a new preview build of Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Now, it is no secret that those of us at Destructoid who have had the opportunity to play various demos of the Wii port up to this point have had less than favorable impressions of it.

Never one to outright dismiss a game, particularly one with zombies, I was willing to give Chop Till You Drop a fair shake."

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Whoooop3664d ago

I will say it again... The Wii is not a video game console, it's just an entertainment device for the casual/non-gamer.

No trolling

ChickeyCantor3664d ago

Whoop i like you more in the chat room xD

N4g_null3664d ago

So would this make the xbox 360 the ultimate entertainment device for the casual/non-gamer because those guys loved that game. I hated it then LOL. I mean really there are only a hand full of games that I wanted from the xbox line up and thanks to the desperate 360 fans capcom this we actually want this clone ai benchmark of a game? This is a warning shot! Do not port retarded 360 games to the Wii.

Man this game shows how bad some of the guys are over at capcom when monster hunter is coming. Thanks to the HD fans this guy got a pat on the back LOL.

SAD..... Oh well I'll be waiting on tenchu 4
He I think http://www.nintendowiifanbo... is way better.... Check out the video...LOL Man I love the Wii gone are the days that hot girls where not gamers!

lord_of_balrogs3664d ago

If you want to enjoy the game buy the 360 version.

TheColbertinator3664d ago

Most of the things that Destructoid said were negative on Dead Rising Wii actually are the very things I hated on the 360 version.I might enjoy this version more than the 360 version

vox3664d ago

thing is, capcom has an original ip on the wii, another one in the works, and the wii actually stole MH3 from ps3.. plus the definitive RE4, RE:UC, more RE ports to come and MM9
any games go to the ps3 or 360 that aren't on their former platform anymore? any platform other than the wii have 2 exclusive original ips from capcom on them?
oh.. and the platform had twice as many A/AA/AAA exclusives as the 360 in 08
that's why i prefer my wii, and i'm not a non/casual gamer
if I cared about SF IV/RE5 maybe i'd be more disappointed

mastiffchild3664d ago

Thing I don't get about the whole Dead Rising thing is that it was never much of a looker back on the 360. Yeah, loads of zombies but only a few models for them. The timer was annoying, there were about two save points.
Game was bad to start with and I can't believe people are clamouring for a sequel-but thios remake is a bad idea and looks like being an insilt to Wii owners in general. With some good looking agmes out on the Wii in the next few months this is gonna look poor and I feel the only reason people have good memories of it on the 360 is that it was an early game with little to judge it against-it just looks weak now.