Nvidia shows off Guitar Hero III in 3D

Guitar Hero and Rock Band were two popular ways to show off whatever product or service you were hawking at CES, with every television or projector hooked up to one plastic guitar game or the other. Rhythm games were definitely this year's Wii; everyone wanted in on the action. Nvidia had a great gimmick to get people to its booth: show off Guitar Hero III in 3D.

The kids were having a blast playing at it when Ars got there and checked it out, and the 3D effect was intelligently put together. The note charts appeared flat in front of the 3D background, so while you enjoyed the 3D graphics of the band and the crowd rocking out in the game, timing and perspective on the action game part of the screen wasn't affected.

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TheIneffableBob3662d ago

Or if you want to be formal, NVIDIA in all caps. :P

LokMessier3662d ago

In a way it would seem cool, but on another side it seems like the 3D would get in the way when trying to get the notes. I mean what if the notes are flying towards you? Meh, well anyway hopefully they will show off some other things in 3D.

dustgavin3662d ago

It says in the article that the note charts appeared flat in front of the 3d background.

InMyOpinion3662d ago

Couldn't they have chosen a more graphically exciting game to show in 3D?

TheIneffableBob3662d ago

They showed off Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 as well.

List of supported games.

Mark Long3662d ago

These guys claim to be able to deliver 3D movies on an XBOX 360 NOW...

ArmrdChaos3662d ago

Is this Sony REAL 3D or NVIDIA 3D...or is calling something REAL 3D supposed to give someone the idea that you invented it and it is better that any one else's. I was wondering how long before they started to try this...the movie industry has be generating 3D this way for a while now. Cool, but not innovative. Now...making a TV generate 3D WITHOUT the glasses...that is innovative. This should be cool to try but questionable as to whether the eyes will be able to take this for long periods of time.