This leaked DualSense V2 looks to solve PS5 players’ biggest pet peeve

Listing for the DualSense V2 spotted over on Best Buy. Featuring improved battery life over its predecessor, the DualSense V2 could become a must-have PS5 accessory for those looking to stay wireless while gaming.

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Einhander1972190d ago

I have the Cobalt Blue controller and it lasts twice as long as my launch white controller did out of the box already.

Profchaos189d ago

Yeah I got the black controller and it's been way better than my launch ones also. I had to return my launch one cause of stick drift and the replacement had the springs snap in the L2 trigger then that replacement got drift again then I finally tried the black controller it's been flawless so happy with it

dumahim188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

My original didn't last a year before stick drift took over. (edit: actually, don't think it made it 6 months since I first experienced the drift in AC which I started playing around January after the PS5 launch). I bought the black one as soon as it came out. Now it doesn't last a day's worth of gaming.


never had a problem with the battery life or stick drift good to know that they improved it.

isarai190d ago

This is the 1st controller I've had stick issues with unfortunately, took it apart and cleaned it even though it already looked clean, but the drift came back after couple days. Kinda bummed about it honestly cause I take good care of my stuff

EvertonFC189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Same fella, never had a problem with previous gens but this one I'm on my 3rd already and I take very good care of my controllers and tech in general.
I've put it down to GT7 and rocket league 😂🤣

Profchaos189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Same I'm on my 4th since launch 2 with drift and 1 with the springs snap off if the trigger all warranty replacements but it's still annoying.

This is the only generation I've had an issue since the duelshock on PlayStation 1,2,34 PSP vita in fact all of those are still going strong and I've not even had drift with the switch joycon which was apparently common.

I definitely feel the launch whit controller was a lesser build quality perhaps rushed to meet launch date while the coloured revisions are better quality they have thicker trigger springs at minimum.
When I called it out in here that I was a bit disappointed I had three break I was called a liar

CrimsonWing69188d ago

Same here, even my replacement controller for the one with stick drift got stick drift. Third times the charm though, haven’t had issues yet.

I’m also extremely OCD careful with my stuff. Making sure dust doesn’t get in the hardware, keeping things clean, not being rough on the controller. I’ve just never had the stick drift issue until these PS5 controllers.

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EvertonFC189d ago

After 6 hours of gaming I'm normally walking the dog, or making something to eat or take a break and listen to a podcast while battery charging.
Had a couple of drifts though

frostypants188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

The early gen controllers almost universally go wonky. all three of mine did (two white, one black). Every controller made since they released the galaxy series of colors has revised internals. The SKUs changed accordingly. The fact that they are actually calling this new one "V2" makes me think it's a pretty big overhaul because they've already quietly made changes to these.

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GoodGuy09190d ago

I was thinking all it really needs is a battery upgrade and there ya have it. Hall effect sensors would be great too but this is a good upgrade.

darthv72190d ago

i didn't think battery life was much of an issue. Stick drift though....

blackblades189d ago

Me either and I think it wont solve the issue cause some people will still B* about it or something

CobraKai189d ago

I got the drift on my launch controllers. I dont play games long enough in one session for the battery to be an issue. I usually charge my controllers once every 3 days.

Profchaos189d ago

Same it's not amazing but I've never one been stuck unable to play. Drift is a far bigger problem

Abnor_Mal189d ago

I have no problem with battery life, but what I would have liked on this new version would be back buttons/paddles.

BlackDoomAx188d ago

They have the Edge for that. Or you could go the cheap way and install an extremerate, it's easy and nice.

Abnor_Mal188d ago

The Edge is not worth the price if all I want is the back buttons, all the other bells and whistles the Edge can do I’m not interested in.

The PS4 back buttons were a very inexpensive solution that could have been added to the DS

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