OXM UK: Left 4 Dead Not Noob Friendly?

Ryan King writes:

"I was on Xbox Live a lot playing Left 4 Dead over Christmas and heard a phrase being said a lot after December 25th - 'Christmas noob'. Make a mistake, you're a Christmas noob. Friendly fire someone, Christmas noob. Lag a couple of steps behind the group? Christmas noob.

While the onset of January has seen the 'Christmas noob' phrase has died off, the underlying implication is still there - you suck. And the Left 4 Dead community is slowly developing a hardier edge to new players, that could end up putting those new players off.

In the same way you can spot good players a mile off, you can also spot new players as they don't melee their way out of trouble and always break away from the group to run back through the level on their own to search for items. It's not really their fault as such, as they're new and won't necessarily understand the nuances involved."

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Arsenic134197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

Its not to hard to learn at all. Its just really about working together, something not all people are capable off.

Xmas newbies are bound to happen. Some people are just idiots and think they started off knowing how to play.

Sez 4197d ago

i argee. i've played a few time with people that have just started playing L4D that they got for christmas. and i can't tell how many times. i had to tell the person to keep up with the group. then when we had to go back for them. we end up getting over runned by zombies. because of one idiot wanting to be lone wolf.

S1CKLY4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

People just need to grow a pair and play the game.

Oh you got called a noob? Go cry about it. Honestly.. you're on the internet with people who consider themselves completely anonymous.. they're going to be @$$jockeys and if you want to keep playing, deal with it.

Btw, I'm not saying people should make fun of others online, I'm just saying they do and there's nothing you can do about it.

caladbolg7774196d ago

Well, there's his problem right there. He's playing the game on the wrong platform.

The Lazy One4197d ago

One group is hardcore and will really be offensive towards noobs.

The other is the group that wants to have fun, and is too busy running around yelling and joking with each other to notice which one's the noob.

ali3124197d ago

It can be quite intimidating when all you wanna do is log on and just have some fun, I consider myself to be pretty good but I would never put anyone else down. If I wanted to have a serious match I would only do a private invite!

Ghoul4197d ago

i really really dont want to insult the xbox

but on L!VE i hardly met people willing for teamwork, its mostly egomaniacs frag hunting.

But anyways left4dead is best on pc, kickass teamplay mostly.

mirroredderorrim4197d ago

I like walking fast and turning fast to shoot anything that moves, even my team mates. (sorry guys)

macalatus4197d ago

Try Warhawk for the PS3. Now that's one "noob un-friendly" game!

agentace4197d ago

...or resistance 1, your just get OWNED by the japs on that even if your not a noob lol

BkaY4196d ago

i still remember .... it was my first time on warhawk .. and by the time everyone respawn... every body start running and sh!t ... like "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE ITS ARMAGEDDON"...

no team work unless clan members r playin in same game..

yesterday a fukin moron took me in a plane and then he suicide in the middle of flight... i was like "WTF".

its full of surprises... noobs lov to run straight into the mines over and over again and at the same fukin place....

but yeah its not very noob friendly...

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The story is too old to be commented.