Datel Faces Legal Trouble Over Lite Blue Tool

Portable Video Gamer writes:

"UK Accessory manufacturer Datel is facing legal troubles from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe over its plans to release a service mode battery that can hack the PSP 3000.

Today, we received official word from the company advising customers about the reason for the delay."

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clinker4197d ago

Very interesting news. I wonder what took Sony so long.. I mean, they didn't try to sue the makers of the Pandora battery, did they?

Dark_Overlord4197d ago

the creators of the Pandora battery as they did nothing illegal and weren't making a profit, now Datel are trying to make a profit from it, there may be a case

Crazywhitie4196d ago

that because sony make a flawed bettery that could be hack... now that someone else is doing it it's Wrong... It's not Illegal to mod a Console you own... it's the pirating games thats Illegal...

ambientFLIER4195d ago

Yes, it is illegal to mod your console. Doesn't the user agreement that you agree to specifically say that?

kwicksandz4195d ago

Ah so its SCEE up to their old tricks again. Since they dont bother localizing games or giving them competent advertising its not surprising they have time to chase after small timers like datel.

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sajj3164196d ago

it was only a matter of time ....