RTX 4080 Super vs PS5: how does Nvidia's superstar compare to PlayStation's flagship?

We've had a look at the key differences between the RTX 4080 Super and the PS5, so have a look at what we think.

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Number1TailzFan158d ago

AFAIK this Super refresh isn't really all that good, in fact most of the regular 4000 series cards were poor price to performance unless you splashed out on the top end 4090, there were also a couple of deals with vouchers going around some months back making some 4090's only a bit more expensive than a 4080. The new generation of cards are also due later this year or early next year and these refreshes are not looking all that good IMO. Unless of course a good deal turns up.

Next generation will likely make just about all of the cards below a 4080 look quite poor, unless Nvidia keeps pricing high again which they may well do.

VincentVanBro157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

5% increase to CUDA cores vs standard 4080, but a reduction in price from $1200 to $1000 is welcome. It was mostly a price correction w/ a small bonus to core count.

KeeseToast156d ago

It is now much closer in price to AMD's 7900XTX. 4080 and 7900XTX are usually on par when it comes to shader-based performance, while the 4080 offers much higher RT performance and the benefit of Nvidia's proprietary and more advanced upscaling techniques.
This means that AMD might lower the price of their flagship GPU which hopefully brings down pricing of all mid-range GPUs below it.

157d ago
Sonic1881157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

"The new generation of cards are also due later this year or early next year"

I'm hearing they're going to be push pack to Q2 2025 which can be from April to May release. I hope it's just a rumor

anast157d ago

"the PS5 as its price-to-performance can’t really be beaten."

peppeaccardo157d ago

Another of those articles in which after many lines of specs, numbers and mumbo-jumbo, states the obviuous conclusion: if u want an all in one system to play go for the PS5 otherwise if you have time and money get the 4080 super and build ur own PC. ... a joke !

EvertonFC157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I watched someone play star citizen the other day with a beast of a system and they still had to put it on low/medium settings 😂🤣
Imagine having a £2000 plus rig and the games stuttering everytime you open a door etc.

EvertonFC157d ago

To those who disagreed, watch a YouTube video of it and there is more than one out there.
You wouldn't think people on here knew videos and the internet exist.

KeeseToast156d ago

What is your point here? Star Citizen isn't available on any other system. I'm definitely not a fan of SC and especially their monetization, but there is no doubt that they are pushing a ton of technical boundaries and developing systems for stuff like gameplay, physics, planetary rendering completely from scratch.
SC seems far from being finished so ofc it is gonna run bad even on a high end system.

You could have made a much more valid point with talking about some of the atrocious ports that PC has received this year. Some of those have shader-compilation or traversal stutters that even the most high-end systems in the future won't be able to fix. In those cases console gaming is by far the best choice for a lot of gamers today.

Zenzuu157d ago

What a stupid pointless article.


Why even make these kinds of comparisons?

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Its Marvel vs Valorant vs Concord this summer,

3,2,1, FIGHT-

phoenixwing6h ago

I'm buying none and sticking to single player


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Jin_Sakai21h ago

These are the kind of games I like. Can’t wait!