The STORM is Coming to AEW: Fight Forever

The AEW: Fight Forever roster continues to grow - and this time The STORM is coming! Well, it's not coming, it's here!

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Swerve to the Beach with new AEW: Fight Forever DLC

Still taking to the ring with AEW: Fight Forever? Well, it's time to Swerve to the Beach with some all new content.

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10 Most Disappointing Games Of 2023

2023 has been a great year for video games, with plenty of all-time classics launching throughout these past few months. They aren't these games.

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MrDead147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Don't know if I have 10 but for me I was expecting more from Hogwarts, Atomic Heart started well but got boring but nothing can top the total disappointment of Starfield. Starfield the game I was expecting to play over and over for years is a broken dull mess filled with loading screens and bugs, a space rpg that has little RPG elements and the worst exploration of any Bethesda game to date.
The Steam beta has fixed the lack of DLSS and the blurry textures but everything else is still broken

Yui_Suzumiya144d ago

Atomic Heart and Starfield are GOTY.

Sephiroushin147d ago

Something disappointing is when you expect more from something, just something to be good, and nobody expected The Lord of the Rings: Gollum to be good!

monkey602147d ago

Yeah can't say I was expecting much from Gollum and Walking Dead so they weren't dissapointments.

But Wanted: Dead, Redfall, Forespoken, Payday 3 and Starfield absolutely belong on there

Elda147d ago

I enjoyed Forspoken, Wanted Dead, Immortals Of Aveum & I'm on the last chapter of Atlas Fallen which I'm enjoying as well. The 2 games on that list I have to say were mediocre & average for me is Redfall & Starfield, with Redfall being very mediocre & Starfield being average at best. The other 4 I have not played.

ModsDoBetter147d ago

For me it's

Wanted: Dead
Lords of The Fallen
Mortal Kombat 1
Payday 3
Crime Boss
Diablo 4
Atomic Heart

This was the year that made me stop pre-ordering games. I am big on collectibles so always tend to order CE or don't want to miss out on pre-order bonuses but after so many disappointments this year I've just cancelled anything I had pre ordered already.

monkey602147d ago

Yeah, Crime Boss was a disappointment. It didn't even need to be spectacular to be good. Terminator and Robocop are great examples. But Crime Boss fell so flat

ModsDoBetter146d ago

They had that cast who all phoned it in and the characters were so poorly written. What even was Touchdown? Michael Rooker reduced to that!?

Terminator and Robocop are great, I love how peopler were complaining that Peter Weller phoned in the performance before the games launch but it launched to universal acclaim.

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