iCreate Review: ReMovem Free

iCreate: "Addiction has a new name, and it's ReMovem Free. This is an extremely simple game that requires you to remove blocks of balls from the screen using a double tap. You can only remove two balls or more that are connected horizontally or vertically. You get more points for the more connected balls you remove. If you play tactically, you can remove balls so that as groups of colours connect together forming even bigger groups, it gets you even more points. You can then do it all over again to try and beat your best score. This really is the drug of iPhone gaming! Each new game offers the possibility of beating your highest score and that craving just gets worse the more you play. It's a wonder we're even able to write this review!

A simple game with a simple objective that is quite similar to other games we've seen over the years, but there's no doubt that it will have you ignoring conversations, forgetting to get off the bus and probably taking a couple of sick days too, trying to beat that top score!"

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