15 New GTA 6-Like Games to Look Forward to

GB: "With Grand Theft Auto 6’s big reveal out of the way, there’s a danger many of the GTA-alike games on this rundown could be overshadowed by Rockstar Games’ monolithic crime adventure."

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isarai92d ago

Dear God this is the most straw grasping video I've seen in a while. Listing mostly asset flip PC games that are all likely scams, and other games that are nothing like GTA, besides The Precinct, everything on this list is a nothing burger.


The Unrealistic Expectations Players Have From GTA 6 Are Just Begging To Be Disappointed

Hanzala from eXputer: "I don't doubt that GTA 6 will be a great game, but I believe it'll also disappoint players who are keeping downright unrealistic and insane expectations."

Profchaos2d ago

I remember the same articles were all over the internet when GTA IV was pre release and it blew everyone away.

Vi will do the same

Skuletor2d ago

IV was pretty good but I remember being disappointed a lot of the features introduced in San Andreas didn't carry over or at least not as feature rich versions of them. Car customisation, learning different fighting styles, increasing your stats,, like going to the gym to raise your strength, plus the jetpack didn't return for example.

lucasnooker2d ago

I was the same. I was disappointed GTA IV didn’t even have planes in the game. San Andreas was a much better game to me. Loved V though

Abear212d ago

In R* we trust.

Will it be as good as we all want it to be? No, it’ll be 30fps, lol.

But will it be the game we want it to be on PS6? Probably!

We are basically guaranteed to get the most detailed open world ever created, so there is that.

GamerRN2d ago

I'm just praying the frame rate is unlocked so I can get 40fps with VRR... That will be very playable for me

D0nkeyBoi2d ago

-It'll be woke (based on all the censorship R* did in retconned remakes of older titles)
-Gameplay will have nothing new to it (it looks lime a suped-version of gta online, according to all those leaked videos R* failed to scrub)
-Still can't enter more than 1% of buildings

Just saying, go ahead and call me negative. I'll come back to this comment to say I told ya so in a year or 2.

Huey_My_D_Long2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Lol Woke

GTA5 and GTA4 is woke by some peoples standards..and those games did well. 1 even best around. nothings ever slow them down
GTA SA touched on inner city violence and the role of corruption of the police in said violence. Even had pot smoking hippie go on about how the government listens into our phone calls, before the NSA spying was a thing.
Im not saying shits not woke. I saying yall have poor media comprehension because the old GTAs are woke by yall standards.

Literally like people calling the New Xmen reboot "Woke"

nevin12d ago

"Literally like people calling the New Xmen reboot "Woke"

In what ways the New Xmen is woke?

KyRo2d ago

I don't agree with the woke comment but I think people are expecting this to revolutionise gaming and it won't. It will do what it does best at its absolute best but people are expecting a monumental change/shift for the industry but that won't happen but it doesn't need to and that's fine.

DivineHand1252d ago

All I want is a performance mode.

CrimsonWing692d ago

Has any R* game watchdogged us with trailers?

KyRo2d ago

They haven't. They made RDR2 look fun in the trailers though, something that it was not.

BillyCrystals2d ago

Unless you're just not a fan of westerns, I truly feel sorry for you if you didn't find joy and fun in RDR2.

KyRo2d ago

@Billy, it's widely regarded as a boring game. It's a rich and beautiful open world but the gameplay is chore to play.

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Grand Theft Auto 6: Troy Baker Confirms He's Not Involved With the Project

Troy Baker has confirmed that he is not involved in Grand Theft Auto 6, after speculation surfaced linking him to the male protagonist.

bababooiy4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

The main guy does sound exactly like him. Its honestly weird to me how even the games that dont cast him outright somehow still end up with characters that sound just like him. Its like old PS3 days where every protag had a buzz cut.

anast3d ago

They want to save money, so they use a knock off voice.

seanpitt233d ago

Rockstar likes to use nobody's in their games..


DF Weekly: Is GTA 6 at 60fps really out of the question for PS5 Pro?

Can GTA 6 run at 60fps on PS5 Pro? Here's the Digital Foundry perspective.

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Einhander19727d ago

Sell me on the sliders... oh wait you don't want to talk about those anymore eh?