iCreate Review: Neverwinter Nights 2

iCreate: "Neverwinter Nights 2 is a role-playing game for those gamers that want both value for money and the opportunity to spend hours glued to their Macs.

The system requirements are indicative of its quality, but will infuriate gamers with lesser spec or older systems, not to mention MacBook owners. In order to run the game you will need an Intel Mac running at least 2.0Ghz, as well as a dedicated graphics card and 1GB of Ram. If you do have these specs and are a fan of the 'dungeons and dragons' genre of games, then this title will not disappoint.

The plot is the age-old fight between good and evil, where you must develop your character's skill through the levels as you try to overthrow the growing threat from your enemies. The game is richly detailed from the outset, allowing you to create your own character in appearance, skill set and alignment. Your development will reflect these early choices. For newcomers to the genre, these early levels serve as a training ground for the controls and format. Be prepared to invest some time, though, as there is a lot to learn."

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