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"What happens when you're stranded on an unknown planet and need a way out? This review might just help you." Ruddy @ Thumb Culture

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Embracer Has Laid Off 8% of Its Employees and Isn't Done Yet With Layoffs Despite Record Quarter

Embracer announced its financial results for Q4 while boasting about laying off many developers and hinting that more will be affected.

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gold_drake61d ago

1400 people in a year.

they're even looking to sell some of their studios

jznrpg61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

They done f’d up.
Bought a ton of studios but have little operating income to keep these studios open and projects running. Never rely on a deal that’s not finalized.

They made the biggest mistake that you can make by counting on that deal going through.

I tell my kids all the time especially my teenage daughter never rely on money that’s suppose to come in the future.
Make sure you have it before spending it. Make sure it won’t hurt you if you do spend it.

But they made such basic mistakes that companies should know not to make and they have hurt a lot of peoples lives that depended on these jobs. They could have let someone else acquire these studios that they are ruining. I’m sure they are trying to sell some of them but they are going to get fleeced if they do. Everyone knows they are in shitty position of weakness

MrBaskerville61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Whoo, I am part of a statistic. I'm making sure not to apply to any studio under Embracer, for now.

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Co-op roguelikes and roguelites: local and online multiplayer favourites | Rogueliker

In this ongoing article, Rogueliker will aim to collect together a selection of the best roguelite and roguelike games on PC and console.

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Risk Of Rain Returns Is So Much More Than A Remake

To call Risk of Rain Returns a remake would be doing it a disservice.

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