Xbox360 2007-8 Games Listing

Here is an "Updated Listing" of all '280 known' games and, an as-yet '17 un-confirmed' games list that are coming to the Xbox360 platform over the following 12 – 18 months.

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TheMART4284d ago

That are a freaking lot of games there!

Damn imagine playing that all... Mmmhhh first will start up Lost Planet up tonight... or Gears... mmmhhhh PGR3 maybe... damn too much to choose from good games

Schmeltz4284d ago

a little off topic, but does anyone have an idea if MS will make PGR2 campatable anytime soon? I've been dying to play it.

BimBamBo4284d ago

there are these 280 games in this list and you say "wow , thats a lot" but take a look at these titles ..... this guy says that mass effect 1-3 will come in just 2 years - strange ....
and there are a lot of other games in this list that are no even confirmed by anyone , but this guy seems to know more than everyone else because he says in his list that these games WILL come - very strange ....

dont get me wrong , i have a 360 an i would love to have 280 more games to choose from in just 2 years but you shouldnt take this list too serious ^^

joemutt4284d ago

Man, that is alot of great games!!

I dont know where to start!

I knew there was alot of good games coming out but seeing them all listed there is just too much! There are going to be alot of happy 360 owners this year.

Anerythristic264284d ago

I am really excited about alot of games on that list. Also a new Pirate based game by Akella. Very Good. I like Pirate gamwes by Akella.

shotty4284d ago

1 000 000 gamerscore here I come....NOT, but I know someone, mostlikely stripclubDJ is going to get it. Some amazing games there, I think halo wars is going to come out mid to late 08, since franky said it would be a relatively big gap between that and halo 3. Gear 2 is also late 2008

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The story is too old to be commented.