Apple's FY09 EPS Estimate Is Too Low

Seeking Alpha writes: "Apple's FY09 EPS estimate continues to be revised downward and now stands at $5.08, a level Apple should easily exceed. The consensus FY09 estimate represents a 5.2% decline from FY08 $5.36 EPS, although revenues are forecasted to increase 11.8%, or $3.8B to $36.3B. Thus, analysts are expecting significant margin compression. Specifically, the consensus estimates for EPS and revenue imply net margin will be 12.8% in FY09, a decline of 2.1% from 14.9% recorded in FY08.

It's not that I don't believe the recession will take a major toll on Apple, it will. Instead of achieving 35%-40% earnings growth likely to occur in a normal economy, Apple's EPS should increase at least 5%-10% in FY09. Due to deferred revenue recognition and upward margin pressure, it's very unlikely Apple's earnings will decline, certainly not to the 20%-30% magnitude some analysts predict.:

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