COD 6: Hostage multiplayer game on Xbox 360 and Sony PS3

PR writes: "We have read many ideas for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, some about the weapons and others about the game type's in multiplayer. One of the best ideas we would like to see is a hostage online game.

You could save your hostages from the other team before they get killed or something along those lines. Maybe even have the hostages have the option to try and escape from their captors.

Another great idea in COD 6: is to have the lobby for Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 updated, especially on the PS3. When you go to find match it would be good to have it setup like this Find Match-> Countries-> Core/Hardcore-> Game Modes."

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PPnoPP3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

10 Million Xbox360 owners play COD4 on Xbox live and a measly 4 million on PS3 PSN.

Doesn't look good for kill zone 2 just saying.

LarVanian3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

So what you are trying to say is that 4 million Xbox 360 owners play COD4 on PSN?

My God why were you not drowned at birth?

DA_SHREDDER3568d ago

I play Cod4 on the 360 everyday, and there is no more then 45 thousand people playing it at a time. Usually there are only about 2 thousand people playing Search n Destroy. Thats far from 10 million man. On the other hand I play COD5 on both consoles, and there seems to be the same amount of people playing. Ironic.

Ichiryoka3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Who is this guy?

Edit: Just clarify I'm referring to the pp guy.

Magic_The_Celt3568d ago

your going to be down to one bubble before this week ends my friend

IzKyD13313568d ago

How retarded in math are you?

that isn't 10 million you reject

(Yes, I know vgchartz is inaccurate, but they use NPD to fix up their numbers sometimes)

monitor3568d ago

thats BS. On the ps3 playing cod waw theres at most 80k players. on the 360 theres at most 260k players. I have both. So next time stop spouting bs when u only have a ps3.

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kevanio093568d ago

So like counter strike basically?

thor3568d ago

Yeah but hostage rescue sucked because the hostages were such morons. The reason bomb diffusal worked was because there were 2 bombsites; so there should have been 2 places to pick up hostages from - otherwise it just turned into regular deathmatch and the objective got forgotten. I can't think of a single "escort mission" in a game that didn't completely suck because of bad AI and pathfinding, or because it just wasn't fun.

PotNoodle3568d ago

Works perfectly fine in css, no AI problems whenever i've been playing the rescue missions on cs_office.

Mozilla893568d ago

but CS came first so I guess its like CS. I guess it would be cool but I hope they put their own twist to it.

bassturd3568d ago

actually sounds exactly like the Counter-Strike Condition Zero hostages. They reacted to grenades and things by running away. If no one was watching them, they would try to escape themselves. Only bad thing was when you go to rescue them they start saying "HEY OVER HERE!" so Terrorists knew a CT was by the hostages

vid of em -

No Way3568d ago

Rainbow Six Vegas did it as well.

ThanatosDMC3568d ago

In cs_office Source, i usually kill the hostages and shoot up the room. But then again im one of the Tru clan admins.

agentace3568d ago

it would be cool if the hostages were actual people then you could have like 4 rounds, 1st round 1 of the teams of 6 gets split into 3 hostages & 3 recuesers or 2/4, 2nd round they switch(so you dont get stuck being a hostage all the time) then 3rd & 4th round the other team would get to be the hostages

ProperFunked3568d ago

when was there a COD5??? (WaW don't count)

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Graphics Whore3568d ago

As long as it's optional I don't see why not.

S1nnerman3568d ago

I hope they have better stats. But it does sound like CS. Which is no bad thing

DA_SHREDDER3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I dont know, but his mom should have just swallowed him. Hes about as useful as a used tampon.

Panthers3568d ago

Um no, tampons are much more useful... unless you want your girl bleeding all over your car seat.