CES 2009: Novint CEO wants Falcon on consoles by year's end

Joystiq writes: "We're big fans of Novint's Falcon controller, which replicates the sense of touch in PC games pretty convincingly. We were even more excited after we wrapped our mitts around the new pistol grip and played a little Left 4 Dead. But we couldn't help ourselves from thinking: "Wouldn't it be great if players on PC and 360 could experience the thrill of having their gun hand pinned by a pouncing Hunter?"

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dgroundwater4194d ago

Ahh! Make it true! I hope Valve would update The Orange Box/L4D. That would only be the beginning of course, as more games would hopefully follow suit.

Cwalat4194d ago

i dont care what they do... i wouldn't buy it...

i'l stick to my console controllers instead

hippo244194d ago

It looks like it could be the next step in gaming, just because its practical and relatively cheap ($150 on tiger direct). It looks nice and if I can find out if its supported on other games like L4D, or Team fortress, i will most certainly purchase.

Like it said in the article, If it were to go to the Xbox as well as PC I think it would gain a name for itself, across the board

although I would like to use it on a PS3 too,