Braid Developer Is Giving Away Free Copies of His Game

As a celebration for the debut of the Braid dashboard theme, Jonathan Blow has decided to give XBOX 360 players a chance to win free copies of his critically acclaimed game.

Braid is a mind bending 2D platform puzzle game where the main gameplay mechanic is time manipulation.

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caffman4201d ago

This competition is rock hard!

BRG90004201d ago

Wow, I didn't know a single game in that contest. Good thing I already have Braid I guess.

gragrofe4201d ago

He should just do the smart thing and port it to the PS3.

sukru4201d ago

he "should" also port to psp, wii, mac, linux while doing that. it'll probably bring in more sales. :)

but I think he's smart enough to know what he "should" be doing, instead of listening to a random commenter on a gaming site.

Enigma_20994201d ago

... porting a game to another console is unacceptable on this site... unless you're talking porting a PS3 exclusive to the 360. That's the only way anyone takes the idea seriously here...

sukru4201d ago

i did not say porting was a bad idea, but merely found the "almighty" preaching what is smart attitude distasteful.

i know that braid developer has no permanent ties to microsoft, however porting a game (unlike a simultaneous multi-plat release) is not always profitable (look at the bioshock incident, which was the game of the year of 2007). but if they feel the costs can be offset with the sales, it of course makes sense to go multiplatform.

LeonSKennedy4Life4201d ago

Three cheers for Jonathan Blow!

Why has nobody paid this guy millions of dollars yet?

Chris_GTR14201d ago

mr.blow is a good developer lol

Magic_The_Celt4201d ago

Wow... not in this lifetime LMAO.