CES - Street Fighter IV's Training Mode writes "Seth Killian seems to be making this rounds this year at CES. First he was seen showing off the fancy new fight sticks, and now he's demoing the new training mode. It looks great, with challenges that teach you everything from beginner tactics like special move commands up to the more complicated strategies like focus attack cancel combos. The mode looks fairly robust, and the video even indicates that you'll get some achievement points for doing it. Score!"

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Stryfeno23567d ago

Arghhhhhhhhh...I cannot wait anymore for this game.

Simon_Brezhnev3567d ago

damn im glad they have a pratice mode :)

Cyber Gamer3567d ago

This game is gonna sell like cakes lol

knamelis3567d ago

I'm glad they have a really good training mode... but online is whats really gonna make or break this game.

I'll bet dollars to donuts that this turns out better on 360...

Queers of War3567d ago

with that dpad of theirs? right

smokeymicpot3567d ago

Street Fighter 4 will be a nasty game.

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