Starfield Is The Most Played RPG Of 2023 Despite Baldur’s Gate 3 Being The Most Acclaimed

There were a lot of great games released in 2023, but Baldur’s Gate 3 received huge acclaim from critics and players, and it can already be called the main project of the year, although the results are still being summed up. Most of the Game of the Year awards went to Baldur’s Gate 3, as did many of the Best RPG titles of the past year. But players seem to be spending more time in Starfield, which has been heavily criticized since its release.

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Markdn137d ago

Erm starfield was given away free, bg3 was not.

Einhander1972138d ago

Starfield:: Mostly Negative (8,098)

Current Players: 13,487
30-Day Avg: 12,159.6

-663.3 -5.17%

all-time peak :330,597

Baldur's Gate 3: Overwhelmingly Positive (33,383)

Current Players: 224,236
30-Day Avg: 141,139.7

+9,331.9 +7.08%

all-time peak: 875,343

Lightning77138d ago

At this point I doubt anyone cares anymore. Still the most played lol.

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Christopher137d ago

"No one cares about the negatives except those other games that are more liked, we only want to focus on the positives."

shadowknight203137d ago

What kind of fanboyism do you spew. The puke and regurgitate kind.

Angyobangyo137d ago

Seeing as you replied multiple times on this thread subject, obviously you "care". Quality over quantity, something XBots will never get accustomed to.

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Zeref138d ago

It was mostly positive at first for Starfield and then some influencers said they didn't like it and then it started going negative lol.

It's the most blatant example of bandwagoning I've ever seen.

Nothing about the game changed since launch and all of a sudden people "hate" it?

Einhander1972138d ago

Do you think that's more or less impactful than Microsoft only giving review copies to review sites that would give them high scores?

Because, if you watched metacritic the score dropped significantly after the first wave of cherry picked reviews.

Zeref138d ago


I'm talking about the Steam reviews.

The metacritic is still at 83.

Einhander1972138d ago

I feel like you don't understand what I am saying.

Microsoft gave this game out to select sites to provide the initial reviews, which were very high mostly 9-10's then when more sites got the game we saw way more 7's and lower. So just like Steam the reviews started out inflated then dropped.

And the user score on Starfield is a 70 on metacritic. Which is questionable, since it was 63, but then metacritic removed the exact amount of negative reviews to push it back up to an exact 70.

Crows90138d ago

Absolutely false. At launch people said there are clear issues...most were overlooked because Bethesda but when players got their hands on it...yeah we didn't overlook that shit.

I asked a friend of mine who payed it before I did and all he could say was it is "alright/meh" mind you this guy was super excited and he was about to buy the PS5 for starfield! I told him about the Bethesda purchase and that it wouldn't be on PS5. Saved him regret and yet now I'm thinking he still has regret. Lol

Christopher137d ago

*** It's the most blatant example of bandwagoning I've ever seen. ***

As opposed to the initial bandwagoning by those same influencers who said they liked it at first?

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Petebloodyonion137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Get your facts straight man
Bethesda didn't give a single review code to any media in the UK, they didn't cherry-pick they denied all of them.
The ones that got to review the game were media (IGN for example) who asked for a code via the USA branch and provided it to the UK branch.

Now I'm sure that the media that got denied made a non-biased review of the game that in no shape or form illustrates their frustration of the situation because Media never does that (surely not IGN with Pray or Gamespot with Harry Potter).

anast137d ago

They played a bit longer and found out it wasn't a redeeming experience.

poppatron137d ago

Have you played it?

It isn’t terrible, and starts off quite well, but the cracks soon begin to show and minor annoyances that you looked over in the beginning soon overwhelm any good and after a while it’s an exercise in pure frustration. Just my opinion of course. I left it 20 hours in

Hereandthere137d ago

The game is trash that looks and runs like it was made for the xbox 360. Shame on the xbox twitter influencers spamming game of gen for that garbage.

shinoff2183137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I don't think it was the influencers as you suggested. I think it's more people got more time with it. It wore off quick with me I only got 20 hours or so into it before I ditched it waiting for updates and whatnot. Call fanboy all you want but I didn't buy a series x to say I didn't like starfield. I wanted to love it like I do fallout. It's lacking in lore, exploration, and other areas and needed more time in development, and I'm convinced it was pushed out the door so xbox had something for the holiday.

Yui_Suzumiya137d ago

Sheep mentality at its best is what I call it

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Grievous138d ago

Steam shows unbiased numbers as everyone paid for it.

Lightning77137d ago

@Chris the game gets plenty of negativety. Article after article allot of it is just reaching at this point in fact that's all you see. Basically what you're saying is let's continue to focus on the negative and not even mention any of the positive. The little positive that That it has.

Yet the player counts go up and the engagement is up. That's why I said it doesn't really matter anymore. Negative or positive the game is still in the social loop and still played.

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shinoff2183137d ago

I didn't see much positive though. People glamor about the ship building but I wasn't impressed. The game was cooking for 8 years (probably more inreality). It should not have released in such shape. Other bethsada games do what this game does but better. How is that possible? Again I think they will get it right eventually I was just hoping it was right from the beginning and I was let down.

JackBNimble137d ago

You're certainly on the hate campaign bandwagon.
Have you played it, do you own it or are you just another psfanboy?

Move on if it ain't for you, people will vote with their wallet.

recoctimocassirnff137d ago

I immediately called BS when I read the title.

Those steam stats really are really very telling.

Chevalier137d ago

Weird all Xbox fans do is point out engagement numbers, but, when someone brings up negative numbers according to those same people it's unimportant or no one cares.

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Terry_B138d ago

Only because of gamepass lol

Walalon138d ago

Idk why you are being down voted because it's true... With Gamepass you can play Starfield, meanwhile with BG3 you have to paid(low for the awesome experience the game is) to play it. But of course, fanboys will always support MS, the company who call them if they are sick, hug them if they are sad or send you a gift when it's your birthday...