Madcatz Flight Sticks for PS3, 360 and PC landing for H.A.W.X release


"March is going to be the best month for flight sim fans everywhere. Not only will Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. be released from Ubisoft, but we'll see the release of 3 new models of flight sticks from Madcatz with their Saitek Aviator and Cyborg X Flight Stick range.

Saitek were acquired by Madcatz in 2007 to broaden their range of peripherals in both Console and PC gaming. It certainly looks like the Saitek guys at Madcatz have been hard at work somewhere hidden in the basement or back room. And it looks sweet-as."

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XboxOZ3603567d ago

It's great that this has been confirmed for release alongside H.A.W.X from Ubisoft. Plus with IL-2 Strumovik: Birds Of Prey. I'm so hanging for a good flight stick for the 360 . . . so glad this is coming and at a decent price as well.

Godem3567d ago

I've never liked using joysticks/flight sticks for games, for but those are interested, I'm sure you'll love it!

XboxOZ3603567d ago

Love it, I'll take it to bed and sleep with it mate . . . it's not getting out of my sight for one minute.

But in all seriousness, good flight sticks are the making of flight games. Even six-axis style pads are of little use really, and the joy-pad such as the 360's normal controller is "okay" . .

I 'tweaked' mine so that I have more X and Y movement by opening up the hole in the top section of the pad, works a treat with flight and driving games.

Godem3567d ago

well good for you :) Im sure it makes it very immersive, one of my friends, friends, has 3 computers set up, that run Flight Sim X over 3 screens. Which makes it very immersive with is great fun. But yeah.. flight sticks are not really my thing :( I know i'd get bored with one in an hour then leave in a cupboard for months before I pull it back out again.

darkmurder3567d ago

Now if only a MS Flight Sim game would come out and we'd be all set!

ASSASSYN 36o3567d ago

I traded in my ace combat game but not the flight stick. I hope it will work with Il-2 when it hits 360 this year.