Thunderbolt Games - GameDamage Pilot review

James Frazer, Thunderbolt Games: "Videogames have never truly found themselves a home on television, save for GamesMaster. Bits and Thumb Bandits came and went, mainly thanks to odd scheduling times, and these days the only mention of any prince from Persia is on Teletext's GameCentral. Television appears destined to keep videogames out of the mainstream, and so the internet, along with Youtube, is the closest any media can get to stardom. Consolevania, the whacky hardcore show from Scotland, has already proven streaming and downloads can work, as well as on-the-beat reporting in which the majority of the show takes place away from the sofa and the TV. Any programme needs to be expressive, and with that in mind, GameDamage enters the room with Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw (of Zero Punctuation fame) banging a big drum."

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