Gamespot: CES 2009: Sony booth vlog

With the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in full swing, GameSpot has been in Las Vegas much of this week covering the goings-on. Arguably the biggest event was Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer's keynote address, which revealed some new information about the PSP/PS3 user base and Little Big Planet's 1.3 million units of sales. The company also reported $1 million worth of items have already been sold via the PlayStation Home virtual world/gaming service hybrid, and that 330 million items have been downloaded from the PlayStation Network.

But while there were some game appearances, the thrust of Sony's presentation was its vast catalog of electronics. Those were on display--up close and muy personal--at the Tokyo-based company's massive booth on the CES show floor. Naturally, the booth had its own PlayStation 3 section.

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