Wii Sold 700k Less in 2008 than 2007; PS3 Steadies, 360 Improves

Japan - Another year gone, but the results are the same. The Wii couldn't muster quite enough to match it's 2007 run of 3.7 million systems sold and fell short by seven hundred thousand, a 20% drop...

Article has charts and graphs showing exactly where each console sits after two full years and three holiday seasons--and how each has an outcome apparently set in stone.

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Why dis3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Everbody has one?

Who cares Wii is crushing the comp...
Wii more than won the popular opinion battle PS2 won last generation...

PantherLotus3568d ago

Too bad the Wii isn't getting the games that PS2 was getting at the same point in its life cycle.

It's weird to see the 360 improve year-over-year by 40% and be soooo far from statistically relevant in Japan.

Why dis3568d ago

Yah that is strange the Wii can't support the industry outside Nintento with the most consoles sold yet the 2nd place competition generates the bulk of the industries revenue.

Eiffel3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

You talk as if sales make a console perfect. Which by the definition of the Wii being perfect is Hilarius.

*cough* Buyers Remorse*cough*

We should have a chart of how many wii consoles returned or traded.
I can guarantee the numbers are higher.

ZackFair3568d ago

Hopefully this failure of a 'gaming' console will disappear after some time.

jadenkorri3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

awww, so go cry in a corner, Wii outsold the 360/ps3, get over it, Nintendo marketed the casual group, and they suceeded.. The games we know and loved for nintendo are still their, so its still a awsome system to have... don't complain about a system that you fell abandoned you or something, all 3 companies are in it for 1 thing, money, thats it, not to make you happy..

Eiffel3568d ago

The games they created were garbage and shovel ware. It may have sold more. That does not mean its not a piece of sh!t. Besides the casual market are the most uneducated gamers. Easy no real win for Nintendo scamming the challenged.

Lon3wolf3568d ago

True the 360 is lagging behind but funnily the only console to have gains in sales in a market that has all but ignored it. Japan has, for a long time not been the centre of the gaming world unlike it used to be. Wii has captured a very lucrative market that both Sony and MSoft will be hoping to get a slice of now or with future products (my opinion). All 3 consoles are enjoying healthy sales worldwide which is good news for us gamers as it's looking like all 3 will be back for another round.

Alvadr3568d ago

Agree with Eiffel on both counts. The Wii is fast food garbage for the girls and little children.

I had a Wii when they first came out.. I couldnt wait to get it, hunted around in one for shops for days.

When I got it home I thought it was the greatest console ever.... 6 months later I sold it on Ebay. What happened?... I bought a PS3 and discovered what its like to play real games again.

acedoh3568d ago

that SONY and Microsoft are going to go the Wii route. There is a problem in trying to take Nintendo head on without alienating your fan base. Do you think it would be wise for Six Flags Magic Mountain to turn over half their park to children's rides? Do you think it would be wise for Wendy's or Jack in the Box to change half their menu to favor children?

This would really cause all those places to fail. There is a reason all three console makers sell well. That is because they cater to their base without alienating them. SONY can make games like Killzone 2 while still make casual gamers happy with Ratchet and Clank and Singstar. Microsoft has tried the casual market with games like Lips and Banjo and Kazooie and so far failed. It would do no service to gamers world wide if we had three consoles like the Nintendo Wii.

mint royale3568d ago

If sony and MS knew what the wii could achieve back in 2004 I guarantee they would have gone down the same route as nintendo. As a result of going down a different route MS and sony now have to play catch up next gen.

@eifell - your opinions would actually have some value if you appreciated that the wii has plenty of good games (and yes plenty of shovelware like the ps2 did). The wii's 2009 line up is much better too.

Voiceofreason3568d ago

Icedoh, Sony only had the best selling console for two gens because of the casual market.That's fact not opinion. Nintendo didnt start anything, they just copied the example set by Sony with their console that they forgot this gen. To assume that they would not go back is just retarded. It is a market they created after all.

dantesparda3568d ago

Dont have to play catch up next gen. Every new generation is a fresh start. Remember nobody (except for the PS1 & PS2) had ever won 2 generations in a row. It seems like this generation things have gone back to the natural order. And we'll see what happens next generation.

Voiceofreason3568d ago

Uhm... Hate to break it to you but Nintendo won its first two gens also..Nes and Snes each won their generation. Also Nintendo is the only company to win 3 generations of portable gaming in a row. GB,GBC,DS. I dont know why people always want to give SOny credit for every achievement when in most cases it was Nintendo. The only thing Sony did was win two gens off of selling to casuals and children. Oh and lets not forget selling a faulty console and counting all the repairs as new units sold.

mint royale3568d ago

if you believe that no company has ever won two generations in a row before then you must be 12? Look at who won the 2 gens before the ps1. Did nintendo happen to win them both? I think so.

acedoh3568d ago

has never been the casual market. Of course casual franchises did very well like Singstar(over 17 million) and Buzz. SONY's base has made it successful. Gran Turismo is far from casual and it proved that simulation games can do very well on a console. Then of course you have Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and many other franchises that are far from casual. SONY made gaming mainstream and put out a lot of quality. The Wii on the other hand is becoming a dump for lower quality party games. This is a significant problem and will have long term implications. If you look back at history and study the Atari 2600 you will notice it end up having the same problem and it almost caused the home console market to die before it even got off the ground. Of course Nintendo should deserve respect but in turn they should never be an example to helping the future of video games.

mint royale3567d ago

casuals are what bulked up the ps1 and ps2 markets and the reason why the ps3 is trailing and the wii is dominating is because the wii has got the casuals this generations. The ps systems had core franchises as well but so have nintendo with mario, metroid, zelda, pikmin, f-zero etc.

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360 man3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

without the 360 game developers will be no where

Im talking about worldwide sales not just japan

PirateThom3568d ago

What about those games that have sold better on PS3 like Tomb Raider Underworld?

If you want to spin it, thanks to the 360 and their decision to make exclusive DLC, 30 developers are out of a job.

Bathyj3568d ago

You dont think if there was no XB then those games might have sold on another console.

Man you are a fanboy.

Lon3wolf3568d ago

@2 eh? what are you smoking?

@2.1 Isnt that just a rumour? If you want to spin it that way didn't 2 Sony exclusive devs "Actually" shutdown completely?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3568d ago

You probably should have fixed that comment, lots of jobs missing in the Sony camp aswell.

acedoh3568d ago

That's like saying the that without the PS2 game developers would have been jobless... Actually that is true since the PS2 dominated the market and is the reason most of these companies have been so successful. The 360 has done a good job but nothing even close to the scale of the PS2. I think both the PS3 and 360 are doing a good job at selling the good games...

PirateThom3568d ago

The difference is, I never said that PS3 was saving developers jobs.

TVC153568d ago

I like how you ignored the big multiplats where the 360 version outsold the PS3 version

The Force Unleashed
COD World at War

Bombomb3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

but the big blockbuster multiplatform titles is where the money is at...someone already posted

The Force Unleashed
COD World at War

im sure there is more..

pirate sony single handedly killed two popular devs free radical and factor 5. now we get no time splitters or rogue squadron series.

Bathyj3568d ago

Get real bomb, how did sony kill them. Devs are in charge of their own games, if they release mediocre titles and fail its there own fault.

thenickel3568d ago

Your misinformed or seem to have forgotten what happened last gen with ps2 and Xbox. The original Xbox was actually selling more games and rating higher than it's PS2 competition. The PS2 had 3 times the user base yet Xbox still managed to sell more or the same with basically nothing. All the PS2 did was sell a bunch of consoles just like the Wii is doing.

Tiberium3568d ago

"Devs are in charge of their own games, if they release mediocre titles and fail its there own fault."

No it's not. Publishers have a contract that developers have to release a game by a certain date with a certain amount of resources. Games like Lair could have delivered if they had 6+ months extra time of development time. But sony wanted "AAA" games right then and weren't willing to wait. So they got a big mess of a game. Microsoft has this problem too. Mass effect definitely wasn't a screw-up, but a little extra time and polish could have made it even better (at least ironing out the bugs would have been nice).

Bathyj3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I know about deadlines but Sony are renown for being a easy to work with Publisher. I dont think they rushed them at all. If anything Sony seem to give devs all the time they need, and they never try to take creative control like some do with unreasonable stipulations.

I think Lair, and definately Haze, had all the time they needed, maybe they just didn't use it well enough. Maybe as a first project they should have asked for more help, as Sony have shown they are quite willing to give it.

And just for the record neither of those games were really bad, they were just average. Hell, Lair was gorgeeous and aptmospheric and plays pretty well with the patch and Haze played really well, it was just a bid run of the mill. It got marked down for things like the voices of the soilders, which you are supposed to hate. They weren't half as annoying as Marcus Fenix's voice, that FKN sh*ts me everytime. I feel like sticking pencils in my ears when he talks.

I'd probably give them both around 7 which isnt exactly Superman 64 bad is it?

This is not a sledge, but bugs and Unreal Engine, seem to go hand in hand. Ironically probably the most bug free UE3.0 game is UT3 on PS3, but I haven't played it that much to know for sure, I just haven't read anything that bad about it.

PantherLotus3567d ago

You know, that's the funny thing--it has never mattered what hardware is available out there for developers...they always find a way and they always continue to grow and innovate regardless.

If the 360 wasn't out there, the PS3 would be an unmitigated success and we all know it.

N4g_null3567d ago

Yeah the Wii sucks about as bad as this line up....

Armored Core 2
Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore
Dynasty Warriors 2
ESPN International Track & Field
ESPN X Games Snowboarding
Eternal Ring
Gun Griffon Blaze
Madden NFL 2001
Midnight Club: Street Racing
Moto GP
NHL 2001
Q-Ball Billiards Master
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
Real Pool
Ridge Racer V
Silent Scope
Silpheed: The Lost Planet
Smuggler's Run
Street Fighter EX3
Surfing H30
Swing Away Golf
Tekken Tag Tournament
Top Gear Daredevil
Unreal Tournament
Wild Wild Racing

Wait that was the PS2's line up for most of those horrible beginning months....

The funny thing is the Wii has had way better games than this line up and it's install base proves it.

You guys must be mad because other people are actually having fun playing games. I mean if you where a gamer then why would you not be playing the VC it is the golden age right.... OH wait you guys are PS gen gamers so the PS brand was the golden age.... Man it sucks to be born then hey but you can always catch up!

We all know the PS2 was a dvd player for the first 2 years the good games came out once the 3rd parties realized wow we get tools to make games now and guess what the PS2 is the new dvd player of the year YAY!

factor 5, Free radical where at the bottom of the ship thus they are the first to drown.... The last time that happened was the saturn, then came the dreamcast.

So like the PS2 the Wii will get it's good games late and then keep on rolling. You can talk shovel ware all you want there are good games we took you to the water yet you guys are too good to drink with every one else! 09 is going to be great almost PS2 like *gasp*!

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LeGenDx3568d ago


wii has no competition
so basically its competing with its self
therfore quality of games is garbage

my goodness

ChampIDC3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Too bad for all those Wii owners that they only get like 6 good games each year, if even that many.

The games are garbage because devs don't care to make amazing games for the stupid casual market. They'll buy anything and think it's good just because you can flail your arms like a moron to it.

Rhoic3567d ago

Though that is true XD. I have a Wii that my friend didn't want so he just gave me:

-2 Wii-motes
-RE 4
-Super Mario Galaxy
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
-Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I haven't bought a game for it since. :x

PantherLotus3567d ago

The question is how much of an effect DQX and Monster Hunter will have on Wii hardware sales. Is that audience already there, or will we see a huge influx of Japanese RPG fans come over when they release?

We're talking about 2-3 million more people here.

About competition, they clearly DO have competition, it's just themselves. And the PSP...which is getting that MH audience I just referenced.

Rhoic3567d ago

I am looking forward to Monster Hunter.. been a fan of it the day it was released on the PS2 in America.

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hotrider123568d ago

and you guys point is?? so damn what wii is not doing well

PantherLotus3567d ago

1. It actually IS doing well, just slightly not-as-well as last year.

2. The point is that even though it is slightly contracted from the previous year, nothing has changed in terms of market share.

PopEmUp3567d ago

Wii looses around 9% of it market share this year when you compare it to last year lol

Look 2007 = 68.26% and 2008 = 59.89%

Although they still in the lead, but if they keep loosing market share every years, you can see Wii 2 sooner than you've ever expected

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