Will Time Warner Acquire Eidos?


"So many developers are losing ground over the last year and it seems even extremely large ones like Eidos are not immune either, especially after recent losses.

At a recent investment conference Time Warner showed interest in the gaming market, as reported at Gamasutra. It is interesting to note that this could herald a bid by Time Warner for the failing Eidos Development Studios, especially given recent job losses and financial difficulties.

Although Martin said he's not looking at anything specific "of any scale that we're going to go out and acquire," he noted, "I think it's going to be done incrementally."

The suggestion of increments makes Time Warner an even more likely front-runner for an acquisition of British publisher Eidos, as it's twice increased its existing stake in the company over recent months, most recently purchasing an additional 10 million shares in Eidos in mid-December."

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darkmurder4191d ago

Am I the only one that is thinking that movie companies are just transferring all funds over to the game industry because they're jumping from a sinking ship. Sure the movie industry is great and huge still and always will be, video game sales and revenue are now far superior to those movies and to be honest I think it's bad that they do this, they should stick to what they do best and that's movies.

gaminoz4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

I think it is a matter of "complementing" their licenses. They want the money from both and a movie that doesn't bring in the $$ might still make a good game that brings in the $$.

You look at this example in the article and, as the author points out, Batman Dark Asylum (which is looking pretty cool) would complement the films, even if not based on them. You could potentially have games coincide with movies or do an every other year thing like Activision does with Call of Duty: Instead of Infinity Ward COD then Treyarch COD you have film then game then film etc.

GrathiusXR4191d ago

I think they are jumping the ship because they knwo there is money involved.. and with sales of Halo 3 and GTA IV and such which have toppled even the biggest movie opening in the past decade..

It no surprise that movie companies want some share as well.

Godem4191d ago

It sucks that companies are falling out..... but all im thinking is thank god its not EA

360 man4191d ago

EA is way to rich to surcome to this fait

XboxOZ3604191d ago

I'm with you on that as well DM, but if doen right, it could prove viable. But then again, how often do movie studios really care about games per-se'. As one developer said when discussing a release and development of a game they were working on.

The Movies studio simply told them we don't care what the game's like, just have it ready for the movies release, or no payment.!

So that was simple - wasn't it.

However, like some game publishing houses, there are good and bad, and some have changed their tactics over the last few years, EA especially. MOved from the gobbler of game development studios, to the Game Developers Partnerships which allow developers to stay separate, yet get the help of the parent company.

If (IF) movie studios do that, then they can be assured of great games, if not, then they'll end up 10 time worse than the worst ones out now. As the movie industry as a whole knows very little about games and how to deliver them.

Godem4191d ago

I say there is no harm in giving a movie studio a new direction, at least give them a chance, perhaps the next Batman Movie will be interactive? :P haha

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