IGN: CES 2009: Hands-on Hasbro Family Game Night on XBLA

IGN writes:

"January 10, 2009 - The name Hasbro Family Game Night might sound familiar. It should. The compilation of super-casual Hasbro-branded videogames came out for Wii and PlayStation 2 over the 2008 holiday and IGN gave ratings of 7.0 to both versions. Now, EA is bringing the compilation to Xbox Live Arcade -- pricing still to be determined -- as the beginning of an integrated community casual games space that will continually expand. We had the chance to try it a demo of the service from CES 2009 and walked away impressed by the simplicity of the software, the authentic recreations of classic Hasbro board games, and by the promise of improvements to the Wii and PS2 originals, such as new online components."

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outlawlife4202d ago

i will be all over this if the scrabble game is quality

live is lacking seriously good licensed board games

but with this coming, as well as trivial pursuit things are looking up

too bad EA monopoly doesn't have online multiplayer, i really wanted that