A Plague Tale: Innocence Is Free on Epic Games Store as You Can Get the Sequel on PlayStation Plus

Asobo Studio's A Plague Tale: Innocence is today's free game on the Epic Games Store, so you have 24 hours to grab it before it's replaced.

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105d ago

A Plague Tale Devs Never Considered Making a Sequel; Spent Considerable Time Studying Feedback

Asobo has said that they never considered making A Plague Tale sequel, and left the opening open-ended just in case. The studio also adds they spent a "considerable time" studying feedback from both players and critics for the follow-up, too.


Here Are The Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In September 2022

For the month of September 2022, we have the complete list of games that will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass by September 15.

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Knushwood Butt594d ago

Playing The Artful Escape at the moment. Has to be the most inappropriately titled game I've ever played.

MadLad592d ago

I gave it a try. Liked it in the beginning, but when it started becoming this large space opera I lost interest.

The only big game, I feel, is Plague tale.
Surprised that one is going, being I really look at Asobo as a sort of 2nd party developer for Microsoft at this point.
Wouldn't be surprised if they're officially brought into the fold at some point.

LoveSpuds592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

You don't have talk some drivel Madlad, what is it exactly about Asobo that makes you perceive them as a 2nd party studio?

Personally, I loved my time with The Artful Escape and it got more and more colourful and enjoyable as it went on. One of the best five or so hours I've had with an indie in a good while.

jznrpg592d ago

You look at them like second party ? It was a multiplat game clearly . Are you trying to delude yourself or others or both ?

MadLad592d ago

They're main developers on the current flight simulator, both Plague titles are day one on Gamepass, and they've worked as a support studio for multiple other Microsoft studios.

That's a pretty close relationship.
Both you guys - spuds and jzn - get pretty ridiculous at times.

porkChop592d ago

How is it inappropriately titled? He's an artist stuck under his dead uncle's shadow, chained down by people's expectations of who he is and who he's supposed to be. People want him to just be his uncle and play his uncle's style of music. The game is about escaping that fate. Breaking free and coming into your own, realizing who you really are.

monkey602592d ago

Unfortunately that synopsis makes the game sound a hundred times better than it is.

LoveSpuds592d ago

Spot on Porkchop, I loved the game personally. I can tell from your comments that you enjoyed the story, like you, I really did get a lot out of it too and actually found it to be quite a moving story. I also absolutely loved the music in the game.

Knushwood Butt592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

I beat it and I get that, but if it were on paper what I got is nothing like what I would have imagined from 'artful escape'.

Plus, he could 'shred' right from the start, so he already had the talent but just needed to dress up in a costume to 'escape'?

Also a bit ironic how the plight of the unappreciated lighting engineer was covered, and how they are a critical piece of the puzzle, but nowhere to be seen during the final concert.

Anyway, it was interesting, even if a 2D walking simulator with the added complexity of holding down a button while you do so.

Some great visuals; a good one to play if getting intoxicated and gaming is your thing.

Also helps if you like electric guitar.

Tons of pop culture references in there too.

porkChop592d ago

Absolutely. I loved it. I was really able to relate with Francis.

Knushwood Butt592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

Having some experience myself, I would add to never underestimate the importance of playing to the crowd.

poppatron592d ago

It’s a bit like a story/picture book you read to children.

But more for adults.

And it’s playable.

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Ra3v3r592d ago

With an equally excellent soundtrack!

Tedakin592d ago

Yeah I have no idea why that's the name. Amazing game though.

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Tacoboto592d ago

Flynn: Son of Crimson has been a very enjoyable game. I'm nearing the end after playing off and on for a week - definitely enough time for someone to beat it before it's off.

Level design and combat are great, and I love the music and art style, even if overall game design is a bit tropey (enemy variety = different color sprites, battle encounters feel like they're there to be there, the "Scourge" levels with the floating hammer chasing you are super cheesy).

gangsta_red592d ago

Absolutely agreed.

Played the game and couldn't stop playing it. Was the perfect small game with just enough content to keep you coming back to finish it. In my opinion it's those small games that make GP really shine

BoneMagnus592d ago

Why do they remove titles? I’m less likely to jump into a huge game like FFXIII if I know it is only available for a limited time - and never knowing when that time might end.

neutralgamer1992592d ago

First party games stay on and second and third party games stay on for as long as Microsoft has that contract

sparky77592d ago

Usually 95% of games stay for at least a year some even longer, personally I always make sure I finish a game I want to play within the year since after that it could leave at anytime.

EA and MS games stay forever though.

gangsta_red592d ago

GP isn't meant for you to keep the game forever. It's the same as any other service that streams movies from other production companies. They're allowed to show the movie on their service for a certain amount of time allowed.

This is why MS is buying studios to provide their own content that will be on their forever.

Knushwood Butt592d ago

If you download a game from GP, and that game is removed from GP, can you no longer play it?

MadLad592d ago

The game will no longer boot.

They typically give pretty deep discounts on the games upon leaving, and dlc for many titles are often found for free as that month's "perks" as well.
It's a pretty solid system for both the dev and the player, as far as I'm concerned.

Knushwood Butt592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

OK, but essentially you can no longer play it unless you buy it.

I'm wondering if it will be the same for PS+ Extra.. I see RDR2 is leaving at the end of September and I just started it. Not sure if I will want to keep playing, but we'll see.

porkChop592d ago

Games are on GP typically for either 6 months or 12 months. The library doesn't just keep getting bigger, stuff gets taken off to make room for new games. It would be far too expensive to keep everything on forever.

Tedakin592d ago

The same reason Netflix removes movies. The license runs out.

Bathyj592d ago

Because MS basically rents these games so they can rent them to you. You don't own them and neither do they.

Unless they do, then they can stay.

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Chance_of_Raine592d ago

Uh-oh. Looks like I better download A Plague Tale: Innocence and give it a playthrough soon.