What is the point in being a fanboy?

Black and White Games: Fanboys have been plaguing the Internet for quite some time with their silly propaganda, heinous slander, & a laggard intellect that leaves the rest of us sane humans flabbergasted at the fact that these are the type of people we not only have to deal with on forums or blogs, but also in person typically at retailers where I purchase my games from. I just don't understand the logic behind being a fanboy, I mean the way I see it it's a lose lose situation. These companies do not compensate you for your fanboy service, you don't get a fanboy of the month placard, or anything worth the time & effort. If there is a fanboy reading this please let me know why you insist on being a fucking idiot?

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Tsalagi4190d ago

of people on here need to read this.


Yes this site is crawling with ps3 fanboys that take ur bubbles if u tell them the fact,i have lost mulit bubbles bcuz of them.In the article where they said the ps3 dose not have a halo killer and they were saying cod4 was a halo killer as if cod4 was exlusive i lost bubbles for saying the facts.I know 360 fan boys do the same but ps3 fan boys are the worst.Well i can expect to be down to 5-4 bubbles for saying another fact but i dont really care... :/

Godmars2904190d ago

Please re-read the article again: you wholly missed the point.

Sony PlayStation 34190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

*FAN* = Fanatic = someone who admires something.

*Example: I really enjoyed [game X]

----------------------------- -------------------------------

*FANBOY* = Childish Fanatic = Someone who is immature, nonsensical and refuses to believe fact in favor of fiction even if the evidence is overwhelming.

*Example 1: [game X] is better than [game Y]! It destroys it in every category! I don't care how good [Y] sold or how great the reviews are it's a flop and sucks compared to [X]. Anyone who thinks [Y] is good is a retard! IGN is a fanboy site they gave [X] a 9.3 when it clearly deserved a 10/10!

*Example 2: Whatever I say is good is good no matter what anyone else says! My opinion is what decides everyone else's opinion!

Pika-pie4190d ago

How to know when your a fanboy in denial...

You think one set of fanboys are far worse than the other...

Both sides are just as bad, both sides do the things you describe. The reason why you seem to be getting hit by the PS3 fanboys is because you could be seeing things from one side... The side you are on. Uh Oh....

JasonPC360PS3Wii4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Say that to the 70,000 people that show up to a football game or concert. Say that to all the retail stores that sell clothing and other merchindise with a team logo on it. Say that to the hundreds of thousands of people that show up to the Olympics to cheer on thier favorate athlete. Say that to the people who spend $400-$5000 on Rolling Stones, Metallica, or Eagles tickets. Say that to the people who stand in line for days to get Star Wars movie ticket.

All you people above saying "can't we all just get along" I bet if I searched your closet I would find somthing with a team logo. Next time before ^^^ you dorks start singing kum by yah, you might want to take a look around your home see if you can find any of the things mentioned above.

Go here and buy yourself a shoe horn, it may help you remove those feet from your mouths... http://www.shoeandfootcare....

Aaron Greenturd4190d ago

"Go here and buy yourself a shoe horn, it may help you remove those feet from your mouths... "

I will buy mine right after you buy yours...

prowiew4190d ago

I can understand a kid fanboy (the majority), but here are older folks that I cant believe the things they write.
Also I want to add that fanboys attract attention. Just look at a stupid comment someone writes. Got 30 + agrees or disagrees and 10
+ replies. Gaming community is getting so low.

ChampIDC4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Jason, just about every instance you mentioned can be done by a simple fan. Now if said person lashes out against the other team, another band, etc. with no justification, then maybe they can be called a fanboy. Better go get yourself one of those shoehorns...

Quickstrike4190d ago

to force all fanboys to read this article and make them obey it. They need a reality check because they are losing the chance to play some quality games if they stick with just the PS3, 360, or Wii.

Sayai jin4190d ago

"you don't get a fanboy of the month placard"- That would be a sight. LOL

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el_bandito4190d ago

Simple: It's just pointless to be one.

jwatt4190d ago

I'm sorry but I don't see why people get so bent out of shape about fanboys. It's ok for people to be sports fans, Starwars, Startrak, mac, Ford fans but when it comes to consoles it's not ok? It's ok for me to be a fan of the Lakers but it's not ok to be a fan of the ps3 or 360? I see the lakers play for just a season and they don't even play every day. PLus I haven't spent a dime on the lakers. My ps3 on the other hand I can play it every day and the whole year if I wanted to. Plus I spent over 1000 doolars towards my ps3 I think I have a right to be a fanboy.

I think what people are really mad at are not fanboys but immature, in denial fanboys, which is completly understandable. The thing is, where talking about video games so there are going to be alot of immature fanboys. I just don't see any thing wrong with being a fanboy it's fun and games. If your not a fanboy that's wonderful but I don't think you should get mad at somebody for being a fanboy unless they're acting immature.

cayal4190d ago

There is a difference between being a sports fan and one of technology.

Sports you can differentiate whose team is better at the time. Technology such as PS3 vs 360 debates you cannot do such a thing since there is no actual way to say 'x game is better because..' or 'x console is better because...'

Sales of games and consoles do not indicate which one is better, only how it is selling. Yet people throw these numbers out daily to try and prove how good their console is.

It is damn annoying.

It is also damn annoying that these mutants are allowed to get online and talk this rubbish without making sense and use terms like 'flop' and 'AAA title' while throwing out sales numbers from Mozambique like they actually matter.

Or how PS3 is failing. That's it. Not why it is failing, why they think it is failing. Not reason for it. They just say things.

"I think what people are really mad at are not fanboys but immature, in denial fanboys, which is completly understandable. "

That makes no sense. It's not fanboys they are mad at, it's immature and in denial fanboys?

IdleLeeSiuLung4190d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but console fans tend to skew or spin information to fit their agenda in a immature way while sports fan tend to stay with the facts, but show their fanboyism by sticking with the team through thick or thin....

el_bandito4190d ago

That's why they termed it as "fanboy" and not a "fan".
There's something "mature" in a fan, whereas there's something "childish" in a fanboy.
A true fan thrives in an open social community, while a fanboy is contented discretely messing around metacritic scores online.
Being a fan is constructive fun, while being a fanboy is pure self-indulging crap.
Comparing a sports "fan" to a "fanboy" is completely ridiculous.

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dothiprotest4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

the sad thing is Blackass is a known fanboy, listen to their podcast

Bordel_19004190d ago

Nope, being a fanboy compensates for a small penis. So I guess there's 1 reason.