CES 09: Microsoft rules out 360-equipped Blu-ray...again

GameSpot writes: "At last year's Consumer Electronics Show, Warner Bros. made seismic waves by announcing that it would no longer be supporting the Toshiba-backed HD DVD high-definition digital media playback player. The move spurred a number of other studios to follow suit, signaling the end of the Microsoft-supported device and giving the format war win to Sony's Blu-ray Disc player, which comes built in with the PlayStation 3."

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Aaron Greenturd4196d ago

Other things we are ruling out this generation:

A. winning
2. coming in 2nd
D. not charging for Live
4. making an affordable console that isn't gutted
5. not attacking Sony at every opportunity

Just wanted to let you all know, because we like to be above board with our business practices. Also, we don't talk about Sony, and Sony really is last. Our year head start doesn't count because it would make us look bad.

So again, we don't talk about Sony.

But yeah we are ahead of Sony. Just so you know. Cause it's true.


UnSelf4196d ago

6. arrogance
7. denial
8. foolishness
9. Loathe

theycallmeryan4196d ago

I think you're confusing MS with Sony (not a fanboy in any way, just saying).

UnSelf4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

when is Sony EVER any of those things? please giv me examples

in Sony i see:

Respect for Comp.
Quality ova Quantity

For the record im not a fanboy either but i can clearly state examples for both of my posts as to why i feel each respective co. deserves those respective titles

IdleLeeSiuLung4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )


Spoken like a true (Sony) fanboy. All three companies, MS, Sony and Nintendo are like that depending on where they are in the market, but you are probably too blind from fanboyism to see that. Here are a few for you to enjoy:

There are plenty more, but instead of hurting your feelings further I will just give you the famous Ken Kutaragi:

If anything, I would say Sony is more arrogant than any other company just because of their overnight success with the PS1 and PS2 (that I'm not sure if they are aware of why they got that success). Both MS and Nintendo have been underdogs in the videogame industry.

UnSelf4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

in every example u provided i see confidence displaced thoroughly.

in the 1st example (which seems to boast the most arrognace to u im guessing) Kaz is in a sense tellin how much confidence he has in his system and line up. Why would any self righteous guy in his position name an exclusive from a direct COMPETITOR?? Thats like asking Martha Stewart would she want any of Racheal Rays secret recipes to any of her dishes.

It would undermine all of Marhtas cooking and take away faith from her own supporters and followers. We all know Kaz would like not 1 but 3 exclusives from MS if he could have em wit no consequence but theres just to much at stake in telling an interviewer that.

Also, it clearly shown that the interviewer is tryna to stir up some beef wit that type of question.

Example: Rap artist Cam'ron said in an interview that he'll neva snitch on anyone no matta what. When asked would he even snitch on a rapist living next door to him and his son he sed he still wouldnt.

Now come on.....u really think someone in they right mind would allow that to go on or do u think he just sed what he sed for whateva reasons he sed it for? Ppl say a lot of nonsense in interviews esp. ppl in with a lot to lose (Kaz) becuz of his position. Wen i sed list exmaples i meant through their titles and hardware.

Fk spokespeople, action speaks louder than words my friend and the PS3 and its titles, are the manifestation of brilliance in ever nook and cranny

And Nintendo an underdog? All the validity of ur words flew out the window wit that one

IdleLeeSiuLung4196d ago

Bubbles, as a fanboy there is no point in arguing with you. You are too blinded by it and will only read what you want to see.

I will only point out that I said Nintendo "HAVE" been an underdog and not "IS" i.e. reffering to the Gamecube era when PS2 dominated the market. It is safe to say that the validity of your ability to comprehend went out the window with that one.... I'm not even sure you understand what I wrote or gave you in those links.

I'm going to game now and not waste my time with fanboys like you.

Aaron Greenturd4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Dear Bubbles,

Please sell all of your video game consoles, uninstall your web browser, operating system, and dismantle your computer, in that order.

You make people like me look sane.

And don't ever make a continuation of my post. What I say is satire, what you say is nonsense.


The Internet

UnSelf4196d ago

Please keep ur corny comments to urself or in the OZ.

Also, plz learn to read. My comments werent a direct continuation of yours as it clearly states.

OH and for the uninformed or those who havent heard, naming urself afta an exec while slightly changing his/her name to that of a seemingly funny bad word is completely lame, unoriginal and mundane.

Satire? lol, now that my friend is funny.

Should i define Ironic for you?

FarEastOrient4195d ago

Look at us fighting on the forums, actually I enjoy it, this is my "reality tv." ^_^ Don't forget about the toy, the wii, we should be bashing about that one for while and how it sells all these consoles but doesn't sell games.

OK than I'll start

2008 Games average metacritic scores above the entire library --> 5.6

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IzKyD13314196d ago

Final Fantasy XIII on 6 discs FTW!

FantasyStar4196d ago

Aw. I'd like Blu-Ray for my 360...but then I'd have 2 gaming consoles that can do Blu-Ray. Nevermind I guess....

FarEastOrient4195d ago

I am playing White Knight Story and you what I noticed about it compared to Infinite Undiscovery and Lost Odyssey. There are no "pop-in" of graphics and lack of lengthy loading times between battles and on the game map. The cities are actual cities and it is nice to see that walking from street to the other forces a loading flash like in Infinite Undiscovery.

IzKyD13314196d ago

As long as MS is stuck in the last generation, multi-plat games like GTA will suffer because of the limited disc space

JasonPC360PS3Wii4196d ago

Microsoft has a choice of formats, this is gaming not movies. With. Console makers can use anything, like the black disc Sony used, the little disc the Game Cube used, or the arious cartridges used. You droids assume that Blu is and will always be the only method, just look at past consoles... <---you done wrapping your brain around that?

SonySoldierEternaL4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

go suck a fat one Jason

"you done wrapping your brain around that?"

JasonPC360PS3Wii4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Wooks wike someone is thwowing a fit :D baby want your ba ba? Yes he does... guchi guchi guchi gooo.

Sibs4195d ago

Jason, a movie being on a Blu-Ray disc doesn't make it magically better, it is better because Blu-Ray discs have 50gigs dual layer spaces, versus DVD having 9 gigs dual layered space... the less compression used, the better the quality (usually).

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Danja4196d ago

putting Blu Ray in the 360 wouldn't be the best thing to do for M$ and they really couldn't include a Blu Ray drive even if they wanted to...

Manufacturing cost would rise plus whats the purpose of putting in a Blu Ray drive if the games wont benefit from it...since Devs would still have to make there games on DVD's...

lord_of_balrogs4196d ago

^^^bubbles for you for being rational (even though I know your a Sony supporter)

MS has no reason for a blue-ray drive, it would raise costs and the whole appealing aspect of the 360 is the fact that it is cheaper than the competition.

rroded4196d ago

they could just do a add on like that hd thingy...

but fact is they want you dl'ing off their service but if they saw a profit in it Im sure they would.

Consoldtobots4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

MS would have to redesign their data caches for bluray drives if they wanted to use it for gaming which = never happen unless they want to alienate their "28" million userbase. At the same time they have NO next gen storage format. OF course the quick and easy answer to this has been "digital downloads are the future, bluray is a waste of time".
However there happens to be one very big wrinkle to this quick and easy answer, in trying to make an end run around bluray just to spite primarily Sony but in reality hurting the bluray disc consortium which consists of every important heavyweight out there. You are effectively cutting all the gamestops,bestbuys,cc,walmarts , etc. effectively the whole industry which support your console sales(and by extension a lot of profit from your game titles in DISC form) out of the picture.

Where does this digital download future leave them? Would they still support a company that supposedly plans to cut them out of the picture in a very big way? The answer to this one shouldn't be too hard.

Highatus4196d ago

Completely agree, if they were to implement Blu-Ray they would alienate their current user base therefore lose consumer confidence.

This article is ridiculous.

theycallmeryan4195d ago

Yeah but games would still suffer. Its an alternative though.

FarEastOrient4195d ago

Why not Blu-Ray, Microsft is already paying royalties to the DVD Association which Sony is a member of.

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Playa79704196d ago

just face the facts microsoft you lost the format war suck it up and get over it digital downloads will not take over ever... you the hell wants to download a full HD movie that will take all day then you cant take it anywhere.....also for games its not going to work what if i wanted to play that game at friends house

theycallmeryan4196d ago

I prefer discs but you could re-download it a friend's house. It'd take an hour or so though :S.