Video: Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision eyes-on

Engadget writes:

"Not content with perusing the online reviews, we stopped by Nvidia to get some first-hand (or first-eye, rather) experience with GeForce 3D Vision eye wear. The glasses are lightweight and could still be worn comfortably over our thick-rimmed specs. We first tried Tomb Raider: Underworld to largely mediocre results, but Mirror's Edge and Left 4 Dead really shined. When we took a step back to watch two screens, however, they couldn't decide which display to sync up with and the flickering lenses managed to numb our brain. A surprisingly good experience, sure, but we can't imagine paying upwards of four benjamins for these and a compatible monitor. If you're wondering what the screen looks like without the eye wear, check out the video after the break."

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JohnCarpenter4204d ago

I still have my ELSA 3D Revelator wireless LCD shutter glasses. It's maybe 10 years old. Real 3D graphics died with the change from CRT to TFT monitors, cause older TFT's don't support refresh rates at 120 Hz.
Maybe now is the time for a revival.
Nvidia had a stereo 3D driver extension all the time.

player9114204d ago

I got the same glasses, the wireless ones even. I saw in the video the guy had a CORD?! wtf.

The new glasses model looks descent, but who wants to be strapped to a cord.

I should go down and dig them out of the basement storage. I don't know why this is such "big" news in gaming all of a sudden. The funny thing all these young pups see this and think its revolutionary. All the Sony followers are saying, "SONY IS LEADING THE WAY TO 3D GAMING!" lmao. NOT!

justaddh304204d ago

mirror's edge in 3d = fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu