Diablo IV GM Says Overpowered Builds Can Be Really, Really Fun, and Won't Be Fixed Until Later

Franchise General Manager Rod Fergusson said overpowered builds can be really, really fun in Diablo IV, so they won't be fixed immediately.

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Slappy McGee108d ago

Working until you're more powerful is the point. There's no sense in putting in any real effort if everything just scales to you.

shinoff2183108d ago

Exactly. I've always disliked level scaling in rpgs.

Crows90108d ago

The only real reason for these types of rpgs to include level scaling is to get you to spend more time playing.

It removed entirely the feeling of becoming more powerful

sagapo108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

@Crow: although I’m not a fan of level scaling, once you reach lvl 100, the scaling stops in the open world and you can make your nighmare dungeons as hard as you want.
Going back to low level dungeons is like cutting a knife through butter, so yes, you can feel really powerful but it’s a bit pointless for rewards.

anast108d ago

Path 2 is coming out soon, so I would worry too much about Diablo at the moment.

sagapo108d ago

Path has more depth than Diablo, not everyone likes it.
I do however, looking foward to Path2 but I enjoy D4 as well. Will probably stop playing when Path 2 is out tho.

Juancho51107d ago

Path 2 looks incredible. I only played D4 a few hours, it’s not for me, became repetitive and Grundy, i already knew what I was in for and the reviews and disappointed players proved it to me. Path 2 looks BANANAS.

anast104d ago

Path 2 is going be insane. They finally added a shapeshifter!


PoE 2's closed beta is scheduled for June 7th of this year. That doesn't included an open beta or changes likely to happen from feedback (Feedback that GGG is more likely to consider than most developers) so to say it's coming out soon seems to be settling one up for disappointment.

I fully expect us to be closer to a year out than anything else.

@sagapo PoE has more depth as it's been built on for a decade. I'm not saying PoE2 won't have depth at release but it won't have PoE's depth.

It's going to be a great starter point for new people to the series.

anast104d ago

"I fully expect us to be closer to a year out than anything else." nooooo

Path will still have more depth though.

v_eno_m108d ago

blizzard will always put the FU back into FUN

Kosic107d ago

People still play this garbage?
Biggest waste of £60 for me.

107d ago

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Set to Air Tomorrow, Nintendo Announces

Nintendo has announced a new Indie World showcase for tomorrow, and it'll feature around 20 minutes of info about upcoming Switch indies.

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CDbiggen12h ago

Still waiting on a proper direct. I can't think of anything coming out this year for switch.


Stellar Blade X NieR: Yoko Taro and Hyung-Tae Kim on How Their Blockbusters Inspire One Another

IGN: "We talk to Yoko Taro and Hyung-Tae Kim about the ways that Stellar Blade is inspired by NieR: Automata, comparisons between EVE and 2B, and much more."


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3 Expected to Release Around 2027, Says Square Enix

It's fairly common knowledge that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth enjoyed a relatively smooth development cycle, owing to the fact that Final Fantasy 7 Remake's team was largely kept intact, and the first game had obviously laid the foundations in terms of visuals and gameplay systems. It took Square Enix around three years to craft Rebirth, and it expects the same kind of timeline when it comes to the third (and final) title in the trilogy.

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lucian2294d ago

Soooo long. Sigh lmao gonna be a long long wait.

Cacabunga4d ago

Yes but better they take their time with such game. A good argument to get PS5 Pro

Sonic18813d ago

The PS6 might be out by then

Cacabunga3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

In 2,5 years? No way .. Pro will be around for at least 2 years..

RaidenBlack3d ago

Might be an unpopular opinion here, but I wish the remake was a 2-parter not a 3-parter.
Die-hard fans will disagree and I get it but ... I think they're stretching the project abit too much imho.

lucian2293d ago

considering how much story is in the original, i think it's fine. Everything is very well elaborated and the connection to those characters are much greater thanks to it. Like, i like seeing tifa and aerith as best friends for example. the fact the first 2 games in this trilogy basically only covered the first disc of the original is kinda crazy tho lol

Becuzisaid3d ago

@lucian That first disc was a whopper though. I don't remember the second being as long, and the third is basically just the final dungeon.

I'm glad they did 3 games. The first 2 have been absolutely phenomenal. Looking forward to the Weapons (the real ones) waking up and attacking, the underwater exploration (they set that up pretty good with the lore of Under Junon), and finally Cloud's big reveal. It'll be real interesting to see how they handle the repercussions of Cloud's behavior from Rebirth and what he's going to do in Part 3. Like the party should realistically just abandon him for being such an a-hole, and after what he did to a Tifa. They really played up the whole Sephiroth mind control thing in Rebirth. They really need to nail the emotional payoff to that. Hope it's not just swept under the rug by the party and just move on post Lifestream.

-Foxtrot3d ago

Also 3 games and then a Crisis core remaster

Then god knows what else

It’s overkill

I’d under the trilogy if they lived up to their excuse about it being about expanding the lore. Like they said the first game would heavily expand the lore of Midgar through side missions but the side missions didn’t do that at all, they were all pretty generic. Felt like a bad excuse to justify 3 games.

-Foxtrot3d ago

Least we have a potential date

Although now I’m just thinking

“Damn 3-4 years to see if we’ll ever get a FFVIII remake next”

VersusDMC3d ago

Apparently there is a IX remake getting made. You need that to come out and be successful before a VIII remake is even possibly green lit.

But if you're thinking the FF7REMAKE team is making a FFVIII remake after part 3...that is not happening. They are definitely making a new FF after.

-Foxtrot3d ago

Well apparently IX is coming first because the VIII team are working on the VII remakes

So if they get finished then hopefully they will work on VIII next

You say it won’t but I’m hoping they will…just something less ambitious

TheEroica3d ago

Yikes.... Sales are already lower than expected for the sequel. Third game is gonna be lower....

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GoodGuy094d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I really think it should've been just one game or two at most, kept to the simple turn based combat, and no crazy changes to the story. But it's whatever. I liked rebirth but man was it bloated with so much unnecessary and repetitive stuff. Square is really betting their money on the remakes. I do admit the remakes have been the only mainline ff games Ive actually quite liked since probably 10 lol.